Horner encouraged by Honda progress

Published on 24 Sep 2018 12:55

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says that he's encouraged by what he has seen from Honda this season. The Japanese manufacturer will become Red Bull's engine supplier for 2019, after striking up a 2018 deal with the energy drink team's junior squad Toro Rosso.

Honda struggled during its first three years in the hybrid era with McLaren, but has scored points on a more consistent basis this year with Toro Rosso. And ahead of the upcoming partnership between Red Bull and Honda, Horner has hailed Honda's "strong desire".

“We are encouraged by what we are seeing, but it is still early days,” Horner said. “But there is a very strong desire within Honda, and it is great to be working in a partnership so we are looking forward to the next chapter for Red Bull Racing. Before that, we have six races to close out with our existing partner.”

Red Bull admit that its chances of winning again this season look bleak, with its most likely next victory coming in Mexico. The team has racked up three victories so far in 2018, in China, Monaco and Austria.

Red Bull won the Mexican Grand Prix twelve months ago at the hands of Max Verstappen, and Horner thinks that the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit is its best chance again in the remaining six races: “I think realistically, this year, Mexico is probably the only shot we’ve got left under normal circumstances.”

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SE calle.itw 24 Sep 2018 17:340
Posts: 5618
You continue to say that, and I really hope this is true, but the more Horner says he is encouraged, the less optimistic I become.
US ajpennypacker 24 Sep 2018 19:030
Posts: 1399
that's because he is acting in a very similar fashion to Ron Dennis when he signed up the deal with Honda. You talk about a McLaren brain bug, but I think it's a Honda bug, because it seems to affect everyone who used Honda. Ron Dennis had it, Franz Tost had it (not so much lately with the dreadful results), and Chris Horner is talking like he has it.
SE calle.itw 24 Sep 2018 19:260
Posts: 5618
Not really. Honda or not, Horner and McLaren have been this way for a long time, and as you can see, McLiaren continue to be this way even without Honda. Arai talked shyte, but Arai was an exception and didnt really know what he was talking about, Hasegawa and the new guy that I always forget the name of are more cautious. So I dont think this parasite is endemic to Japan.
US mcbhargav 25 Sep 2018 00:150
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PR talk aside, feedback from 4 cars would be a lot more useful to accelerate the engine development. So, the worst case scenario would be, Honda delivering an engine on par with Renault at the end of 2019, with RB providing additional 200-600 msec advantage with their chassis.
US ajpennypacker 25 Sep 2018 01:080
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@McBhargav I absolutely agree. In my mind it's just a matter of time before Honda gets it right, unless the pull a "Toyota" on F1 and depart suddenly. RB has a tremendous competitive advantage by being allowed to essentially run 4 cars. It's why I laugh when people make a big deal out of the 3rd car controversy, yet RB has had 4 cars.

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