Toro Rosso to have 'very close cooperation' with Red Bull in 2019

Published on 11 Sep 2018 12:29

In September last year, Toro Rosso announced that they would be switching engine supplier from Renault to Honda, and nearly a year later their sister team, Red Bull, made the same decision. Due to this decision, and despite Toro Rosso has made clear in the past that they are very much their own team, they have decided to increase their cooperation.

With this increased cooperation, the two teams have decided to share an entire rear end, which will include a complete gearbox and the inner parts of the front suspension. This closer partnership will mean that they will move closer to the relationship enjoyed by Ferrari and Haas, as they use all of the parts that Ferrari are legally allowed to give them. This could lead to greater success for Toro Rosso, as it has quite clearly helped Haas in their efforts to move closer to the front of the grid.

Tost said: "We will have a very close cooperation with Red Bull Technology next year because we will have the same rear part, which means the power unit, gearbox and the suspension – everything within the regulations [that we’re allowed to use]."

"[We will also use] the front suspension as well, the inner parts, not the outer parts. But that’s a lot, because the complete rear part means also the hydraulics, the electronics, all this kind of stuff.”

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They will move up the grid using those parts. However not sure how the leaving Key will impact their progress.
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I'd like to see Ocon and Vandoorne driving
US mcbhargav 11 Sep 2018 21:330
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I'd be more than happy if at least one of them makes it to TR.
SE calle.itw 11 Sep 2018 19:220
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It makes sense for them to do this. Its their reward for being a testing/junior team.
US ajpennypacker 11 Sep 2018 19:58+1
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It's essentially a team with 4 cars on the grid. I never understood how this arrangement was acceptable whereas the 3 car idea was dismissed (correctly) right away.
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I hope that they will find a place for Robert Kubica in this team. His experience, knowledge and talent would be very useful to them.
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As much as people like Robert I don't think that he would be right choice for any F1 team if Williams doesn't make him a driver. I like the independents the Williams, McLarens, Saubers, Haas en Redbulls. and with 3 cars it would mean that the podium becomes even harder to achieve. In general the rules are fine as long as they are consistently implemented by the FIA /F1.

The independents team can purchase parts that will allow them to be competitive against the factory teams. However having an independent powerunit and parts would benefit F1 in general.
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That's why I think that in F1 should be covered only by factory teams (with eg. 3 drivers), with their own components (including engines). Clear, transparent situation, large variation, greater emotions.

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