Perez never considered 2019 McLaren drive

Published on 11 Sep 2018 11:34

Sergio Perez has denied that McLaren was a suitable option for him next season. McLaren confirmed that the Mexican was on the team's shortlist to join as Carlos Sainz's partner, despite being ousted after just one year in 2013.

However, after the Italian Grand Prix, the Woking outfit announced that its current reserve driver Lando Norris would step into the seat and replace Stoffel Vandoorne. Perez says that he has a deal signed for next year, but says that joining McLaren was never in his interests.

"There was interest but it was on the part of McLaren, not mine," said Perez at an event in Mexico. "I already know where I want to be in the future. I have already signed a contract and I'm not going to change anything. I never showed interest in them (McLaren)."

"I am satisfied with my situation and have no reason to leave. McLaren is in the process of reform and that will take a long time.  I think that if you can't be with Mercedes or Ferrari, it's hard to find a better team than the one I already work for," he added.

Perez is hoping that his future will be announced before this weekend's Singapore Grand Prix, and it is expected that he will remain at Force India for a sixth consecutive season: "I hope that I can be in a position to announce my plans by Singapore and stop with these questions.”

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As much as he is talented and a capable driver he would not want to get back to that hornets nest. McLaren are in decline at the moment and it will take more than an good set of drivers to get them up the grid.
Let's hope that they improve to an more decent level.
US ajpennypacker 11 Sep 2018 18:300
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I agree, it would have probably been damaging to his career again. I worry about Sainz for example. I don't see any options in F1 for him if he doesn't shine at McLaren.
SE calle.itw 11 Sep 2018 19:230
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Same, he is too good for the current McLaren.
GB talktohenry 11 Sep 2018 12:570
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He's probably the quickest driver never lucky enough to get in a top car, shame as he's be quicker than Bottas
US mcbhargav 11 Sep 2018 17:33+1
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exactly! I would rate him higher than Bottas, and (current)Kimi any day.
US mcbhargav 11 Sep 2018 17:320
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Who would? oh wait! Sainz did. Bummer!
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The year when they have a car that James Key has had 100% a hand in developing, that may be the time to sign for McLaren. I think the coming two years we'll see McLaren at the bottom two. Mercedes and Ferrari will remain on top, followed by Renault (as a works team they should deliver) and hopefully Red Bull (if Honda delivers), behind them we'll likely find Force India (proven best of the rest) and Haas and Sauber due to their close ties to Ferrari. Then of course Toro Rosso that will have a closer tie to RBR. I don't see Williams or McLaren beating these teams in the near future. Perhaps in 2021, but even that is a long shot since the engine regs likely wont change.

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