Hulkenberg has "mixed feelings" on halo after Spa crash

Published on 30 Aug 2018 16:28

Nico Hulkenberg says that he is glad the halo protected Charles Leclerc during a big shunt at the Belgian Grand Prix last weekend, but admits he still has "mixed feelings" over the device. 

Hulkenberg was deemed to have caused the crash at Turn 1 at Spa, as he missed his braking zone and slammed into the rear of Fernando Alonso. Alonso was then launched over the top of Charles Leclerc, with visible marks left on the halo from Alonso's car.

The German received a ten-place grid penalty for this weekend's race at Monza following the crash. And while he appreciates the safety element the halo brings to the sport. he admits that he still is not a fan of the device.

“I think whilst I am still not a big fan of halo and the device, I have to see the facts and admit that it does bring something to F1, especially the safety we appreciate in the car,” he said. “So, divided, mixed feelings about it still, but it is not down to me anyway, and it is what it is.

“For sure it has proven pretty useful and a good device,” he said. “We can only speculate on what would have happened without it, but it looks pretty clear from the point the tyre marks were all over the halo. So from that point of view it has done a very good job to keep the head safe.”

The halo has seen a lot of criticism for its aesthetics, with fans and drivers alike disapproving of it due to its looks. Kevin Magnussen says that he is still not sold on the look of the cars with the halo, but admits it played its part in the Spa crash.

“I am just happy that no one got hurt - and you know in reality no one wants to get hurt and no one wants anyone else to get hurt," said the Haas driver. "So that’s really the end of the story.

“But you know it doesn't change the fact that my idea of Formula 1 is without halo, like my idea of motorbike is two wheels.  But then of course you ask yourself, when you see that the halo just saved a life, you are not going to say 'oh, I wish it wasn't there’. Of course you're happy that it was there in that case.”


Fergal Walsh

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SE calle.itw 30 Aug 2018 17:310
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I dont think anyone legit likes the halo, especially not how it looks, but again, it seems to do its job well enough. As I've said before, nobody likes wearing seatbelts, until it saves them in a crash.
US ajpennypacker 30 Aug 2018 19:460
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I think the halo got some serious positive PR after that accident. However, without meaning to sound like a hater, I don't think the halo saved Charles Leclerc from anything. Obviously the tyre marks are dramatic, but there was no way for Alonso's car to touch Leclerc in that accident even without the halo. But I don't blame proponents of it for zelously pushing the agenda, this was a great opportunity. Will the halo prevent future accidents? That's possible. Has it prevented injuries so far? Clearly no. Not yet.
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If you look close at the trajectory and rotation, you can see that the right front wheel of the McLaren didn’t have Pirelli written on it. Before Charles could read exactly what it said, before the wheel stretched his neck against the restraints and pulled his brainstem out like a garden dandelion, the wheel was deflected (hard) by the halo. Angles of view do make it tricky to be certain - but if contact was made, it would not have been survivable.
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if safety was the ultimate concern then they would encase the wheels. What got alonso airborne was the overlap and contact of wheels. It is racing racing has serious risk. Thats the allure.

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