F1 to finalise 2021 plans in the "coming months"

Published on 09 Aug 2018 14:45

Formula 1's CEO Chase Carey says that Liberty Media will finalise plans for the 2021 season in the coming months. The sport is set for a major revamp in three years time, when the technical regulations receive a big shakeup.

Liberty has already presented its plans to F1 teams over the expected new engine regulations, which wasn't met with joy from Mercedes and Ferrari. But these plans have only been mere blueprints, and Carey expects a clearer picture to develop soon.

"We’ve introduced some recent regulation changes for next season," said Carey. "And we’ll introduce a larger list of sporting regulation changes in the coming weeks to further improve the sport.

"Most importantly we continue to move forward with a broader set of changes to cost structures, revenue distribution, regulations and governance – the so-called Concorde Agreement. We’ve made good progress with the teams, agreed on the goals and objectives, and now need to work through the details to find the right compromises as we finalise these agreements in the coming months for the 2021 season."

When asked how the current transitional phase is going, he said: "I feel good about the discussions. The devil is always in the details, and we have details to work through. But I think people agree with the goals, people agree with the direction, and I think the overall points of what we’re trying to achieve, and the vision for the sport."

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Not about technical race rules, but far as Liberty Media and the show: I really liked the Texas stage show and the presenter was great. I hope she's back. Got to really see the drivers. Best of all it was on YouTube. I think it's fair to release stuff with a one race delay to help build up the audience.

Personally I want more coverage. Like all the race of every car. Sure the front and the win are most important, but they are all racing and every car battle counts. The live race could still be the same length but there would be say a half hour of the other cars' “footage” not in the live coverage but spliced in later and shown for free the next week.

While I’m dreaming ... DRONES! Camera drones getting all kinds of new shots. In the future - a holographic scoreboard floating over center field showing position numbers automatically updated from car transmitter. Okay, maybe not the last one.
GB Major Tom 12 Aug 2018 22:580
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I just want closer racing with many more cars having a genuine chance of winning.

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