Grosjean confident over long-term F1 future

Published on 08 Aug 2018 14:20

Romain Grosjean is confident that he can secure a long-term future in Formula 1. The 32-year-old has had a mixed season so far in 2018, failing to score in the opening eight races. However, the Frenchman has scored in three out of the last four events, including a fourth place in Austria.

Question marks linger over the former Renault and Lotus driver's future, as Haas say it will evaluate its driver situation after the summer break. Charles Leclerc has been linked to the seat, as has Force India's Sergio Perez. But Grosjean is confident that he is doing enough to secure himself in F1.

"It hasn't been a great half of the season, but it is not all about what happened in those races," he said. "Obviously I want to be able to go back to being able to score points reasonably and not having any trouble, which I know I can. If the car is where it is today it is not by miracle, so it's a wider picture."

With a major rule change to surface in 2021, Grosjean expects to still be in the sport come that year. Despite being one of the older drivers on the grid, Grosjean says that he still has a lot of unfinished business with Haas.

"I'm not too unhappy with my career so far and I still believe I can be in Formula 1for quite a bit of time. I don't feel old and who knows what is happening in 2021 - no one wants to sign contracts beyond the end of 2020 right now. Let's see what Formula 1 becomes like and if there is a chance or whatever. Right now I am in a good team, I am very proud of what we have been doing over the past two and half years and I think we have got some more business to do together."

Grosjean had a short stint in F1 in 2009, before returning in 2012 at the age of 27. He pointed out that rookies today are much younger than that, and he believes he was thrown under the bus upon his return.

"I started at 27, so I started much later than everyone else," he said. "If you start at 18 and you go to 38 years old then you go for 20 years with 21 Grands Prix a season, that's 420 Grands Prix. If you start at 27 and you go to 37 or 38 then that is only ten or 11 years of career.

"At the end it is not a crazy amount compared to drivers who are 18 and then retiring at 28, sure that would be young to retire, but for me it's just that I got my first chance when I was 23, I got thrown under the bus and then I came back. It just took a bit of time."


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DE juju_hound 08 Aug 2018 14:560
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I think the most important for Romain right now is not looking far ahead for 2021 season. Having such a bad first half of the season he has to concentrate here and now to stop doing these stupid mistakes. Last two races showed he is able to go well. I hope he will continue this way cause Kevin is showing incredible progress this year.
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How can he think, " It hasn't been a great half of the season, but it is not all about what happened in those races," ?!!! For a "B" team like HAAS, you've got to strike early, because you're not going to have the resources to develop the car like the "A" teams.

Gunther Steiner already has his mind made up. He knew Force India would go into administration and that either Perez, or Ocon (both?) would become available. That's why he's been quoted as saying he's waiting till after the break to make a decision on drivers.

HAAS will be having driver-gasms over their choice of drivers, Perez, Ocon, Sainz, ....Alonso?(heehee!), Kubica, Ferrari Academy drivers...
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"...HAAS will be having driver-gasms over their choice of drivers, Perez, Ocon, Sainz..."

Haha... True, I, like everyone else, think that it will be Perez, makes sense, brings a lot of Backing $$ too... But people forget that he's been "the best of the rest" for the last 2-3 years.. So Gunther will take his time, Driver market has come a'knocking....
US mcbhargav 08 Aug 2018 17:26+1
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Agreed, Perez would be a better choice for Haas than Grosjean at the moment, if he can really pull in the same $$.
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Confident over longterm F1 future? No wonder why he continues with the same issues he has had all his career . He is a more successful version of Kyvaat. He will follow the same path.
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Crashjean. I think he could well be out of the picture by end this season - I don't see him being safe at all sadly - on this day a great driver - but the days are too few.
NL Danimal5981 08 Aug 2018 23:550
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One is as good as their last race. If he can show consistency in the last 9 races, why not? But given the reshuffle in the midfield, I wouldn't be surprised Perez being dumped by Stroll Racing and being picked up by Haas; it would add to their bad boy image.
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Grosjean has good drives and geeky errors. When Lewis was punted by Kimi, he shifted to neutral and drove backward at 100mph until he was off the track. Romain? He floors it and does doughnuts in the middle of the racing line. Even Vettel made an unforced error, but it was wet and he was going very fast. Romain? Drove like a GM exec in a Corvette pace car. I think the recipe book was even open on his lap.

On his good days he’s very good, but on his bad days he’s horrid. When he was a rookie it was the same: concentration/instinct/judgment out the window the second a wind blows up his skirt. And his cringeworthy wimpiness is a red flag to any driver with a sadistic streak, like Sainz or Magnussen -journeymen who should not be beating his ass.

Romain needs to bend the spoon of time, achieve stillness at the eye of the storm. Maybe he needs to stop collecting cooking recipes and start a combat training like kendo or fencing. Recommend he is forced to sit and meditate for days on end while being randomly beaten on the back with his Cook Book.
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"Romain? Drove like a GM exec in a Corvette pace car. I think the recipe book was even open on his lap!"

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OH! and not to get too political but does Perez TRULY have a good shot at HAAS? Remember, HAAS is a big TRUMP fan, and we all know this tunnel-worthy wall cuts off Merica' from Mexico?

Just saying, thinking about the optics of it all, that is, unless HAAS get an American driver. Just think of that photo op, "Americans and Mexicans working together-just as long as he stays on his side of the wa,um er, garage!" HAHA! I joke, I joke!
SE calle.itw 09 Aug 2018 20:010
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*Inserts We are Number One but Trump Bing-Bongs it into 2GRX7's comment* XD
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I aim to please, but I never thought about that wall and the anti-Mexican sentiment. Looks and nationality can play into driver marketability for sure. You don’t think Texans will chant, “Checo! Checo! Arriba! Ándale!” Hey, you might be surprised. I do want to know more about the rule change that favors the larger American style driver next year.
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One - two OK results ... Your future is not secure.

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