Perez has a "couple of options" for 2019

Published on 08 Aug 2018 12:11

Sergio Perez says that he has more than one option regarding his future in F1. The Mexican's seat at Force India is in doubt, as is the seat of teammate Esteban Ocon. Perez's current contract with the Silverstone-based team expires at the end of the year, however he brings significant backing to the team.

The 28-year-old kept his options open after the future of Force India was in doubt. However, that problem has been resolved after it was announced on Tuesday that a Lawrence Stroll led consortium had invested in the team, securing the 405 jobs that were under threat.

With Lawrence's son, Lance Stroll, set to join Force India for 2019, Perez claims he has a number of options available for next season: "I'm lucky enough to have a couple of options,” he said. “Obviously we all want to be driving in the top two teams, Ferrari or Mercedes. 

"But it's very unlikely that I'll have an opportunity there for next year, so you have to look at what is the best option for your future where you can show your best talents. 

"The last two years, the best of the rest in the drivers' championship. I just want to see what's possible for next year, which teams have a vacancy, and then decide. I will definitely wait to see what happens here, because I believe this team has the most potential of anyone out there out of the top three teams."

Perez hopes his future is resolved soon, but is not in a major hurry as he is comfortable with the position he finds himself in: "I would like to see what happens in the coming weeks, months, whatever happens with the team, because I believe it is a great team.

"I'm not in a hurry, because I know I'm in a good position. But the sooner the better. There is also a point on how long you can wait to make up your mind. I think now, during the summer break, I will have a good idea what's happening here, and then I will be able to make a clear decision."


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US ajpennypacker 09 Aug 2018 02:010
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If it's not RB, Mercedes, or Ferrari, it would be a step down. Money wise I am sure he could do better elsewhere, but racing-wise not so much.
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I think his priority is to stay at Force India, they have proven that given a budget to work with they are and likely will be the best of the rest. However, if the new owners decide to become a Mercedes "B-team", then they're likely to stick with Ocon, and Perez will have to look elsewhere since Stroll is all but assured a seat. A month or two ago there were rumors suggesting that Stroll snr. had looked into buying SFI but dismissed the idea since their "books" were all out of order (seems Vijay doesn't keep it clean), however after the team going into administration Stroll ups and buys it. Is that because he's dealing with an administrator and Vijay is out of the loop? Did the team going into administration mean that the new owners didn't "buy" or inherit Vijay's shady deals? I don't know, but if so then Perez is owed in my opinion since his actions brought the team into administration. Further, why would SFI want to become a B-team? They don't need it, they have managed to be best of the rest without special help from an A-team. No, if there is to become a Merc "B-team" then Williams is the team in need, but according to reports they don't want to go down that route.

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