Red Bull encourages Honda to prepare for 2019

Published on 17 Jul 2018 09:48

Red Bull is encouraging Toro Rosso and Honda to help the senior energy drink-owned team prepare for 2019.

Honda already supplies engines to Toro Rosso, the sister Red Bull team.

But next year, Red Bull Racing is joining the fold, and the senior outfit wants Toro Rosso to accept the prospect of penalties this year in order to help Honda develop its 2019 power unit.

"Of course we leave the decision to Honda," Dr Helmut Marko told Auto Motor und Sport.

"But if they find a tenth through development, then they can of course try that development already in the race, even if that means we take penalties for it," he said.

Speed Week reports that Honda is already pushing on with preparations for 2019, although technical boss Toyoharu Tanabe said "It is not clear when we will bring" the next update.

"We focus on the present while keeping an eye on the future," said the Japanese.

"The fact that Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing work together can only be of benefit to us. All the talks we hold are central to Red Bull Technology," he added.

Red Bull has put a lot of pressure on its outgoing engine supplier Renault, and Tanabe admits that that pressure will now be transferred to Honda.

"We know that," he said. "But we already have had pressure and we do now. We know that we can work very efficiently with these two racing teams."

Replies (7)
SE calle.itw 17 Jul 2018 11:010
Posts: 5618
Just be less talky will you? Im happy you feel like encouraging or secretly threatening Honda, but less talking and more walking.
Posts: 133
Unfortunately we have no idea in what tone the actual discussions are held between Honda and Red Bull. Regardless, don't you think Honda knows exactly what they are getting into? Surely "communication" has been a significant topic during their discussions about the agreement. I don't think we need to be worried, none of these people was born yesterday. The only people that get played at is the audience. That's us...
SE calle.itw 17 Jul 2018 12:040
Posts: 5618
Oh Im sure they know, and Im sure they'll no doubt do their best to step it up. But an outwards more careful approach would bf better IMO.
Posts: 41
Ohhhh, if it blows up next season, Honda will miss how little shit was thrown at them by McLaren compared to RB's tantrums :D
SE calle.itw 18 Jul 2018 20:020
Posts: 5618
But if its successful, Honda will be hailed in a way Renault wont be, so it goes both ways. :)
US ajpennypacker 18 Jul 2018 22:000
Posts: 1399
Toro Rosso will be used as a pawn to smooth things over for Red Bull next year. It's disgusting. Toro Rosso is full of very talented people, they usually have very promising talent. It's such a shame that they are tied to Red Bull.
SE calle.itw 19 Jul 2018 19:060
Posts: 5618
I honestly would have preferred it if Red Bull just sold STR off to Honda so they could be a true works team, but that isnt meant to be. Honda is sadly not interested enough in such a prospect.

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