Renault felt like Formula 2 engine - Verstappen

Published on 10 Jul 2018 09:53

Max Verstappen says he feels as though he has been relegated to Formula 2.

In the Honda era, Fernando Alonso at one point called his Honda power unit a "GP2 engine".

But Verstappen says he knows how the Spaniard felt.

"If you're missing 70-80hp you know you're going to struggle," he said at Silverstone.

"On the straight it looked like we were in a different series," Verstappen added at Silverstone. Asked if it felt like Formula 2, he answered: "Yes."

The Dutchman is Renault-powered at present, but Red Bull will switch to works Honda power for 2019.

His boss Christian Horner says the time has clearly come for that move.

"It's just time for a change," he said.

Horner said Renault's power problems were obvious at Silverstone, and so he has no qualms about switching to Honda.

"You could see very well what level everyone is at and I think Honda and Renault are in a similar situation at the moment.

"However, it is all about potential and development and we really believe in what is in the pipeline at Honda to close the gap," said the Briton.

"With Renault it's the same story year after year but at Honda we see good progress, so it seems like the right choice."

As for the astonishing claim about an up to 80hp deficit, Verstappen explained: "I don't know exactly the amount but if you lose more than a second on the straight then you know it's a lot.

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Ok. It's time to bach Renault again until end of the season.
Posts: 228
Cool. Just remember these words for next year: "GP2 engine, GP2 engine". :)
SE calle.itw 10 Jul 2018 12:470
Posts: 5472
And dont forget the frustrated "ugh" at the end of the rant! ;)
Posts: 584
Its clear Renault never matches Mercedes and Ferrari,
so RB has to take the Honda gamble.
SE calle.itw 10 Jul 2018 12:490
Posts: 5472
Honda's problem area is the MGU-H. Renault's is the MGU-K. The MGU-H will likely be scrapped. I know which one I'd pick.
NL Tifoso-01 10 Jul 2018 13:020
Posts: 1604
Calle.ITW: According to the latest reports the MGU-H will not be scrapped at all after 2020 because all the current engine suppliers have agreed to continue with the current concept and that is what they decided short before the Austra GP.
If this will be the case and accepted by LM than not much will change after 2020 and than i think no other manufacturers will stepp in F1.
SE calle.itw 10 Jul 2018 15:290
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I've heard it, but I've heard more and more recent rumors cobfirming tge removal. We willvhave to see. In a sense, mgu-h is very innovative, yet the tech will almost be obsolete once EVs become viable, so I wonder how worth it it is to continue developing it.
Posts: 302
To my reckoning in Automotive fields, not many are taking up the MGH-H trend, yes turbo era continues apace with downsizing petrol engines in increasing numbers as they take up the slack in diesel sales. Hybrid road cars are largely MGU-K oriented and in any case represent a fractional amount of market sales. Unfortunately I think they will stay as suggested recently to lessen the intermediate change until full regs change but I’m increasingly doubting that will bring much of a fundamental change. Too much regulation in total for me, stifling innovation.
SE calle.itw 11 Jul 2018 14:370
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MGU-H came too late IMO, and Im nog sure it will ever appear in regular cars. Which is unfortunate seeing how efficient it can be.
US Ram Samartha 10 Jul 2018 22:360
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Headline should read "Verstappen looking for any excuses after killing another car," or maybe "Verstappen should be in Formula 2 until he learns how to not overdrive his car." The kid is whining now but he'll be crying when he gets a Honda engine next year. What's that 7 out of 10 races this season he's killed the car by overdriving it. That's what happens when you put a kid in a man's sport.
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Who'd you think be a better driver and should therefore make an entry in F1 and replace him?
SE calle.itw 11 Jul 2018 14:380
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So you say how many drivers hsve overdriven their cars this year? Both RB drivers, andcthe McLaren and Renaults?
US mcbhargav 11 Jul 2018 16:240
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Perhaps that's why Max's team took Honda for the future.

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