Alonso needs Indy for 'motivation' - Verstappen

Published on 09 Jul 2018 09:53

Max Verstappen suspects Fernando Alonso is looking outside of F1 because the Spaniard's motivation has gone.

Many have hailed Alonso for not only continuing to focus on formula one, but also expand his horizons by targeting the 'triple crown' including Le Mans and Indy 500 wins.

But Red Bull's Verstappen says he is not interested.

"Doing things outside F1 is something that happens mainly with drivers who are not winning," said the Dutchman.

When asked if he is interested in following Alonso to America and Le Mans, Verstappen answered: "Maybe. If I'm old and slow I will do it.

"When you have the best car on the grid, everyone can win with that car. Any F1 driver could have won in the Mercedes for the last four years. Everyone knows that.

"That's why you don't see Hamilton leaving to do these things because he doesn't need to. It's the same for me. I'm in a position to fight for victories so my motivation is very high and I don't want to do Le Mans or Indycar or whatever," the 20-year-old added.

"My father had the same problem," said Verstappen, referring again to Alonso's change of focus as well as his father Jos.

"He (Jos) was in F1 but he didn't win, and there's a moment when the motivation simply disappears and it kills you inside."

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SE calle.itw 09 Jul 2018 12:050
Posts: 4617
"Maybe. If I'm old and slow I will do it." Ouch, not very nice to Alonso.
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Alonso has 2 titles... Verstappen 0... plus, that talk is an offense to all pilots driving in different series... so he would be better to shut up..
Posts: 304
Presently he might not be "old and slow", but one could argue that he's "young and dumb".
Posts: 111
Don't fall for it. With the "Old and slow" statement the kid refers to himself. He (obviously) has other priorities right now and does not see them change any time soon. Assuming he means that Alonso is slow is just taking the writer's bait.
Posts: 184
I'm sure his mother has told him if u don't have anything nice to say don't. I hope his intention was good but I agree Alonso has no hope to win in f1. He is drive the hell out of the mclaren. He could win in indy car plus no one who has a contender wants him for want he wants to be paid so he will leave
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To those complaining: Do we really need to analyze every sentence by every drive. Listen to the interview - it's said in a light hearted way. Max isn't calling Alonso old & slow and neither is he implying that all racers in the series are.

There's tons of interesting stuff going on in F1 - we don't need to resort to making up gossip about drivers.
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No one can argue Alonso isn’t old for a F1 driver and that he is slow because of his car. The McLaren is a dog of a car. Put him in a hass or red bull and he’d be much faster
US Ram Samartha 10 Jul 2018 22:510
Posts: 109
Max showing his immaturity and lack of tact once again. Grow up little boy.

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