Williams braced for Silverstone struggle

Published on 06 Jul 2018 10:30

Claire Williams has admitted the once-great British team will struggle at Silverstone.

Driver Lance Stroll has already called the 2018 car "slow", and deputy boss Williams says it won't get any better than that on the team's home circuit.

"We've brought our handkerchiefs," she joked.

Not just that, Williams woes will be even worse due to the British summer heat, with Claire saying: "We'll have to open up the bodywork even more, which means even less downforce.

"It's a vicious circle," she admitted.

Former Williams driver Felipe Massa admits he is not too disappointed to be missing out on the team's 2018 troubles.

"They're struggling a lot," he told The Sun.

"I really hope they improve and manage to understand their problems. When I see Williams last it's a shame, but I am happy with my decision. I am happy to be away from it and I think it was the right time," Massa said.

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SE calle.itw 06 Jul 2018 18:210
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So business as usual then! It would be funny, if it werent so sad.
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And she wasn’t wrong, but a frank short interview with Channel F1 tv cover, remains positive. Hope they can turn around the form.
As usual, no posts on race weekend?

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