Ricciardo not denying 20M Dollar offer from McLaren

Published on 22 Jun 2018 11:42

Daniel Ricciardo has not denied that McLaren has offered a whopping $20 million a year for him to switch to the beleaguered British team.

"Daniel is the king of the market," Red Bull's Dr Helmut Marko told Sport Bild. "McLaren offers him more every week." Canadian Grand Prix, all tips, odds plus a bonus!

It is just another sign that McLaren is acknowledging that it may lose Fernando Alonso. "If he leaves, they probably want an experienced driver to replace him," Ricciardo said at Paul Ricard. As for the reported $20 million, the Australian joked: "It's not enough! I'll be honest: everyone is talking about Mercedes and Ferrari but I'm aware there will be interest from other teams."

Marko is right that Ricciardo is the key to the market. If he stays at Red Bull, that influences what will happen with the likes of the Red Bull-contracted Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly.

"Everyone is making speculation at the moment," the latter, who drives for Toro Rosso, said in France.

Spaniard Sainz, meanwhile, is watching the situation closely -- not just Ricciardo's next move, but the fact that Red Bull has ended its association with Renault. "I think my future depends more on Red Bull than Ricciardo. Let's see how events develop," said the current Renault driver.

Whatever happens, it seems clear that the situation will now move quite quickly. Strongly rumoured at Paul Ricard is that Ferrari has already told Kimi Raikkonen that they will replace him for 2019.

Like Ricciardo, Charles Leclerc - a cheaper option for Ferrari and a better 'number 2' for Sebastian Vettel - is another candidate. "I'd like to wrap it up before the summer break so that I'm not constantly answering the phone," said Ricciardo.

And for now, he's not ruling out McLaren. "I like what Lewis did with Mercedes," said Ricciardo. "Lewis said he knew that Mercedes would develop like that."

Another potential candidate for Ricciardo is Renault. "They're not ready yet," he said. "But maybe in three or four years. That's why I have to think it over carefully. But I would like the role of team leader."

Ricciardo said he wants a two-year deal for 2019 and 2020.

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Don't do it, the 20 million will likely be gift vouchers for Freddy bars.
US mcbhargav 22 Jun 2018 15:35+1
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When accepted, it would be a very unintelligent move. Leaving a 3rd best team to a 6th, for 10 Mil, at the age of 29 ( assuming he has 5 left in the tank ).
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Of course he isn't! True or not, it basically his only leverage against Red Bull at this point, so from a negotiation stand point it's quite important as it looks like neither Ferrari or Mercedes is happening.
SE calle.itw 22 Jun 2018 22:050
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I think this is more of a polite turndown more than anything else. My boy Ric is a wellmannered fella, and he wont be rude to his suitors. Worst case, McLaren could be a wellpaying last resort for him in case he stands without any contract at all, even if that would take a miracle.
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My guess is that he's already lined up with Mercedes. Just waiting for Hamilton to sign.
SE calle.itw 22 Jun 2018 22:390
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Nah, I doubt it. Mercedes let their pet diva have too much control in what the team mate will be. Hammy has already said he wont accept Ric, meaning there is no way Ric will enter Merc' as long as he is there.
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It's interesting how these so-called top drivers always seem to shy away from a proper challenge. Both Vettel and Hamilton are scared sh**less of the likes of Alonso and Ricciardo, kinda makes you wonder how good they really are since they're not being properly challenged. That goes for their respective teams as well, seems they don't have the guts either to take on two candidates for the title.

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