2019 could be Vettel's year - Gene

Published on 12 Jun 2018 13:38

2019 could be Sebastian Vettel's year to win a fifth world championship.

That is the view of long time Ferrari test driver Marc Gene, who was speaking after Vettel won in Montreal and took the championship lead by a point.

"The team is young, together and united and working well," the Spaniard told El Mundo Deportivo.

"The difficult years are when you learn. This could be Vettel's year now, but it will not be easy."

Gene said the Vettel-Ferrari combination is particularly strong this year.

"He knows he has the car and that he can do it. I see him much more calm, serene, knowing when to attack. Like Baku, he showed that now when you can win you must, and when you can't you don't have to obsess about it.

"Now I see him much more aware of what he is doing," he added.

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SE calle.itw 12 Jun 2018 13:500
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Looking at it, 2018 could be his year already. It is close, but so far, Vettel has really looked more impressive between the two title contenders. I dont think Ferrari will win the constructor's title this year, Kimi is sadly not fast enough to make that possible, but as long as the Red Bull drivers and Kimi can challenge the Merc' drivers Vettel has a valid shot at this year's title.
US ajpennypacker 12 Jun 2018 23:410
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Ferrari has been dominant everywhere but Monaco and Spain. They should have won all of those races. Vettel could be another 20 points ahead without his mistakes. But still, I agree with you that Vettel has been more impressive than the other title contender. Lewis form has been dreadful. The worst since maybe 2011. Sebastian was much more impressive last year in my opinion. No mistakes in a car that was clearly second best. This year Sebastian is one point ahead in a car that is dominant. I gotta say, though, in spite of his mistakes, Sebastian seems utterly unperturbed. He's been Schumacher-like in terms of focus. No red mist, no outburst, nothing.
SE calle.itw 13 Jun 2018 00:360
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As far as I recall, Vettel's mistakes (most at least) were actually not his, but strategy fails from Ferrari.
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does he not mean 2018?

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