Verstappen set to start last in the Monaco Grand Prix

Published on 26 May 2018 15:38

Max Verstappen will start last in the Monaco Grand Prix following the crash in which he was involved in FP3. The Dutchman clipped the barrier of the Swimming Pool chicane with five minutes left in the last free practice. 

Following the crash, the Red Bull Racing engineers worked intensely on Verstappen's car. Unfortunately for Verstappen, the damage was severe enough to force him to stay out of the qualifying session.

On the other hand, Daniel Ricciardo extended his domination over the Monaco Grand Prix. The Australian driver set up the fastest lap in all of the three free practices and also in the first two qualifying parts.

Brendon Hartley, Marcus Ericsson, Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen were among the drivers who were also eliminated in Q1.


Paul Athes

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The new Maldonado.
DK BENNY DONKER 26 May 2018 16:560
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Get a life, Dave!
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Now comes on, is that really fair?

I don't seem to remember Maldonado f**king up at every race? ;-)
SE calle.itw 26 May 2018 21:08+1
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So we might need a new ;)
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Will be interesting when Max comes to overtake Magnussen.
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Or Grosjean for that matter. If Grosjean manages to be in the race for that long. :)
SE calle.itw 26 May 2018 21:100
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This wasnt really surprising to me. Monaco just isnt his kinda track. He is far too prone on overdriving, and Monaco punishes driving styles like that. Thats one reason for why it took so long for dear Hammy to grab a Monaco win. A shame though, because it has costed Red Bull important points they coulda used to catch up to the leading teams.
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I agree calle. It's going to an Redbull fest tomorrow. It's not yet over... It's going to be an great year for F1. So entertaining.
SE calle.itw 26 May 2018 22:350
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I'll admit I was very concerned for this year with the 3 PU limit and all, am still, but so far its great stuff. Really hope this will keep up, I've heard people who usually dont watch F1 being very interested in it now, and thats really good for the sport.
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"Monaco just isn't his kinda track" - this is so true. Without runoff areas his style of driving gets punished mercilessly.

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