FIA must clarify Ferrari car legality - Lauda

Published on 23 May 2018 08:58

Niki Lauda says the FIA must clear up the uncertainty about Ferrari's 2018 car.

Ferrari, Mercedes' key championship rival, heads into Monaco amid suggestions it is using more power than is allowed from its battery.

And Mercedes is also pressing the FIA to clarify whether the way Ferrari uses its turbocharger complies with the rules about oil consumption.

"There must be clarity before Monaco," F1 legend and Mercedes team chairman Lauda told Kronen Zeitung.

"These grey areas must be clearly defined, because it simply must be the same for everyone."

Monaco this weekend is the start of a particularly intense period on the calendar, with seven races in the space of just ten weeks.

"That's exactly why the teams need clarity now," Lauda added.

And he said there is a "danger" that Mercedes could be stranded behind not one but two rival teams this weekend.

"Red Bull and Ferrari are always closer on our heels. Here (at Monaco) a huge mechanical grip is needed. How it is, we'll only see in qualifying," said Lauda.

Replies (11)
SE calle.itw 23 May 2018 09:28+2
Posts: 5618
What needs clarifying? Parts you wanna copy? The car is legal, thats all you need to know, dear Lauda.
Posts: 625
Yeah it’s legal at the moment but tomorrow? I suppose it’s all part of F1 gamesmanship but what I want to know is: how do they know (suspect) it isn’t legal? Rumour? Observation? A ‘spy’? Anyway Calle, are you prepared for war? Haha😮
SE calle.itw 23 May 2018 19:000
Posts: 5618
Locked and loaded! :P But seriously, this is more of the political bollocking, so its business as usual. One team trying to outmaneuver a rival, by claiming the car isnt legal, and trying to get others to join it.
GB LightIsRight 23 May 2018 11:280
Posts: 92
Could they be using the oil to create a better seal and thus higher efficiency in the turbo? It could explain the smoke on start up. So it's not the engine burning the oil and that is why they can get away with it.
Posts: 13
Ban it.........simple
Posts: 546
Too many rules! Let the teams innovate and race ( but not on street courses).
Posts: 265
They had to change their engine to reduce oil burn rate . They can't believe Ferrari has out smarted them.
US mcbhargav 23 May 2018 17:270
Posts: 724
...and give this man an IQ Test.
SE calle.itw 23 May 2018 20:540
Posts: 5618
Although IQ tests are horrible measurements of intelligence. For reference, Mensa consistently scores mine at 121, and look at me... I dont even have skin!! And even less, a working brain.
Posts: 625
I’m still in single figures 🙁
SE calle.itw 25 May 2018 18:400
Posts: 5618
And you are probably at the very least average in reality. IQ is for intelligence what PSA is for prostate cancer: A high value can indicate you are intelligent, but it doesnt necessarily need to mean you are bright just because of it.

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