Struggling Grosjean 'happy to stay' at Haas

Published on 23 May 2018 08:53

Romain Grosjean says he is "happy to stay" at Haas beyond the end of his contract this year.

But negotiations may be looming at the worst possible time for the Frenchman, as he is in the midst of another career slump and being outshone by his lesser-paid teammate Kevin Magnussen.

Grosjean just says he has made some mistakes.

"What can I tell you?" he told Germany's

"We are not robots. I'm sure when you write an article, you sometimes do a typo," Grosjean said.

But it's not just mistakes. Although the 2018 Haas is competitive and Magnussen enjoys driving it, Grosjean is struggling with understeer.

"I will certainly not learn to like it, but I can adapt," he said.

"In China, where there was a lot of understeer, I was in Q3. But if you want to get the maximum from your car, everything has to be right for you.

"Hopefully the next update will help me a lot."

What is clear, however, is that his current struggles do not bode well for Grosjean's ambition to use Haas as a stepping stone to Ferrari.

"I would never say no to going to Ferrari one day," Grosjean said. "That's my dream and I don't deny it.

"But I didn't come here because I imagined getting into Ferrari. That was something the media came up with. I thought it would help me grow, to become a better driver and some day fight for the title if I get the chance."

But before that happens, Grosjean is tackling with a terrible period in the media and uncertainty about whether he will even get offered a new deal by Haas.

"That's more of a question for Gunther (Steiner)," Grosjean said.

"I know that the British press doesn't like me very much. Maybe because I'm French. But I am very honest with the media and always tell the truth.

"My manager looks at the options for me. I think I'm in a good situation. I'm not worried," he insisted.

"Yes, sometimes I make mistakes. But sometimes I do extraordinary things too. Yes, I would be happy to stay. And I think the team sees it the way I do.

"I don't want to speak for the team but I think we're not done yet and I think we can do more. Especially with the rules from 2021. That should give opportunities for the teams to shake up the balance of power.

"We'll see what the future holds."

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DK BENNY DONKER 23 May 2018 10:22+2
Posts: 1976
I don't think Haas wants him to stay. He will find himself out of a drive by the end of the year.
DK BENNY DONKER 23 May 2018 10:240
Posts: 1976
"We are not robots. I'm sure when you write an article, you sometimes do a typo," Grosjean said.

Sometimes? You'd better change that in most of the times! ;-)
Posts: 245
Sorry Grosjean, as far as I am concerned, you've wore out your welcome.
It has come to a point where I would much rather enjoy watching Maldonado in F1 than you.

Although, I really hate the fact that he didn't make it, since he has an EPIC name for a champion.
Posts: 153
That translates to:"this is my last year in F1, Charles will take my seat next year"
Posts: 151
Bye bye Romain
Posts: 951
Pff he's such an bore. Let's hope that Haas get an more exciting line up next year.
US Rindtchamp 23 May 2018 15:44+1
Posts: 271
its now time for him to leave F1. I hope Haas do not extend his contract to next year.
SE calle.itw 23 May 2018 19:060
Posts: 5642
I will sadly join the choir of people chanting for him to go. He just hasnt impressed, and while he has been of good use for Haas, I think he is pretty expendable there as long as he doesnt perform. And while Ferrari and the likes seem to be looking for number 2 drivers, I dont see them being interested in Grosjean. He is too much of a diva compared to what he brings to the table.
Posts: 533
2 years ago - actually I think even last year - he was heavily rumoured to be Ferrari bound. And now people are calling for him to be "fired" by HAAS. Talk about going from hero to zero in a hurry.
I don't know where I stand on this, really. I think he's a very capable driver, but he was perhaps blindsided by Kevin's success, and now he's trying to over compensate while going nowhere fast.

I don't think he'll ever find himself in a top team, he's way too high maintenance along with not being super fast.
But depending on what happens at the other teams, I could see him being in F1 next year, maybe even at Renault. But he'll need to get his act together soon.
SE calle.itw 23 May 2018 20:47+1
Posts: 5642
I'd probably say 3. Most of the rumors were around the 2014-2015 mark. After that it started to decline, and now Im pretty sure Ferrari has closed the case. I think his pride cost him a seat at Renault. AFAIK they were interested in him, but he stated he was comitted to Haas (and in extension Ferrari). But now they have 2 good drivers on board already, they dont need Grosjean.
Posts: 533
Maybe it started 3 years ago, but there was definitely talk while Kevin was there, and he's only been there for 18 months. Not that it matters much, it's still a pretty steep decline.

Yes, but things change. It's possible that Sainz is going back to Red Bull, depending on Ricciardo's decision. And while Hulkenberg is a solid hand, he's not setting the world on fire either. So I could definitely see Renault going for someone with a french passport.
Of course the fact that Grosjean is very publicly declaring his love for HAAS at this point could suggest that he in fact does not have a lot of options for next year.
SE calle.itw 25 May 2018 18:440
Posts: 5642
There has always been. Press likes to speculate, but in truth I dont think Ferrari ever truly looked at him. But yeah, it doesnt matter much.

I'd say Hulk is probably safe. He isnt setting the world on fire, but neither does the car, so its a good fit, and he is still outpacing a what I'd call very solid team mate. I dont think Grosjean would be able to repeat that. And I dont think Renault are very interested in Grosjean either, no matter what nationality he is. If they are interested in a French bloke, it'd likely be Ocon. But yeah, as you say, Grosjean's new found love for HAAS see to indicate some degree of desperation.

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