Technical director Zander leaves Sauber

Published on 02 May 2018 14:58

Sauber has confirmed that technical director Jorg Zander has left the team with immediate effect. The news came on Wednesday afternoon, and just a number of weeks after the Swiss squad appointed a new head of aerodynamics.

Zander joined Sauber at the end of 2016 when Audi Sport departed from the World Endurance Championship. Zander worked as the German outfit's Head of Technology, before linking up with Sauber for the start of the 2017 season.

A statement from Sauber confirmed that Zander has now left the squad. Team principal Frederic Vasseur will overlook Sauber's development of the 2018 car and the initial plans for its 2019 challenger "until a new organisation" is confirmed.

Sauber is currently in the process of rebuilding and re-organising. This year, it forms a title sponsorship with Alfa Romeo as it hopes to make gains towards the midfield, after it has struggled for the last number of seasons.

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SE calle.itw 02 May 2018 19:030
Posts: 5476
Wasnt he a pretty new recruit?
Posts: 385
He was, he had plenty to say about the 2018 car... His leaving so suddenly, without a replacement, makes you wonder.... Is all well at the Sauber team?
SE calle.itw 03 May 2018 06:290
Posts: 5476
Seeing as they are low on cash and they are undergoing a restructuring process, I'd say all isnt well. I wonder who ditched who though?
Posts: 385
Just now read that Zander was fired because he had problems with booze.
Posts: 82
Wasn’t he hired by Kaltenborn?
Posts: 918
Vasseur seems like a good leader. Let's see what happens next. There will be a plan.

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