Struggling McLaren ousts technical chief Tim Goss

Published on 27 Apr 2018 10:29

McLaren has reportedly ousted its technical director Tim Goss. The news, reported by Speed Week, follows a difficult start to the 2018 season for the once-great British team. Hopes were high after the switch from Honda to Renault power, but McLaren remains conspicuously low in straight line speed.

"Last year we all thought the chassis was excellent and the problem was Honda," said former Renault technical boss Pat Symonds. "But now they're only the third best Renault team. We're hearing now that the late change from Honda to Renault delayed the work and we'll only see the true McLaren in Spain. If they really do take a big step, great. If not, they'll be answering some very unpleasant questions," Symonds added.

When asked about the ousting of Tim Goss, a McLaren spokesman was quoted as replying: "We are currently looking at how we can position ourselves to become successful again. We'll talk more about that soon but until then will not make any further comment." Goss had been at McLaren since 1990.

Fernando Alonso, whose world sports car adventure begins next weekend, said in Baku: "This year, we hoped to get close to the podium, but we've found that we are a bit far away from that." And teammate Stoffel Vandoorne told RTBF broadcaster: "There is a little bit of pressure on the team because the results aren't at the level we want. But it's positive. Everyone understands the challenge and so I hope we will see progress in the next races." (GMM)

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Not the problem that needed to be addressed.
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I would say that it very much is the problem. Tim Goss along with Paddy Lowe, between them produced some of the worst McLarens ever, and what is happening over at Williams now that Paddy is in the hot seat? Goss needed to go. As Calle says, time for a purge. As for Ron coming back, he had lost the plot by the time he returned last time. What we need are some young thrusters...
SE calle.itw 27 Apr 2018 13:030
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Why does everyone seem disappointed? They are doing well, dont they? Did people think a Renault switch would make them a winning team instantly? Did they believe Boullier's talks about podiums and wins?

This is what I reckoned would happen. No matter how good they are now, they will always disappoint. Overpromising and asking for hype isnt healthy, and now Goss had to pay for it.
CA Mr.Useless 27 Apr 2018 13:140
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McLaren is always in dire straits. When they had Merc engines, it was, tires and/or lubricant - they were a second behind the same engined car. Then it was the "H" thing. The jewelry, you know. where they were two-three seconds off. Now it is, something else...but they are back to their normal - a second off of the similar engined team. Even more in qualy - up to two seconds. McLaren is a stereotypical disaster team that gets things consistently wrong all the time. They are never prepared from the beginning of the season. Something is in the water in Woking. Ron must have dumped a lot of fluoride and lead in it. Actually come to think of it, it must be senior technical staff. And the culture - obsessing on immaterial and inconsequential things. I would bet my mortgage on FI if they had the same budget as McLaren. Shear incompetence and their heads inside their asses. Whew.
SE calle.itw 27 Apr 2018 17:190
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McLaren is disease ridden, its ill, one can smell the corruption from here. Not even my plague doctors could help rid them of the McLaren Boss Brain Parasite. We must... purge McLaren, purify the team and bring in some cleanliness. Which is why *dons gloves* I will risk disease *dons safety suit* corruption * dons plague doctor mask*! I shall risk my sanity! And henceforth, you shall know me as the McLeaner!
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@CALLE.ITW ... the McLeaner .... can I get that with fries and a shake? ... To Go?
SE calle.itw 28 Apr 2018 12:090
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Aha! I see a partnership opportunity with a certain McDonalds arrising! Good.... Good...
US mcbhargav 27 Apr 2018 15:11+1
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Incompetent team. Should have sold out to force india, who knows how to extract the best out of a euro.
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Tim who?
McLaren clearly need to get their act together fast!
Bring back RON I say!
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i agree Dennis over Boullier all day long. For that matter offer Roger Penske the job.
US ajpennypacker 27 Apr 2018 16:230
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I think McLaren will eventually get it right, they are definitely improving. But clearly major changes were needed on the technical side. I like Zak Brown, not sold on Boullier. I am, probably foolishly, holding my breath for Spain and the improvements they are promising.
CA Mr.Useless 27 Apr 2018 16:470
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Hey, learn what EB has to do with regards to car development, technically. He is racing director! Racing. He might have been promoted to team principal, but his duties nevertheless are confined to racing. Car development wise you are looking at those fellows : chief engineer, technical director, chief aero, chief chassis. They don't have PU as that is due to Renault Sport. But EB has nothing to do with team's technical decisions. He doesn't chose aero concepts. He doesn't chose car weight/balance. He doesn't chose wheelbase. He doesn't get to chose aero conepts : rake, wings, aero balance. He doesn't chose the gearbox gear ratios, suspension, brakes. What he does is he chooses SLAs between the team components - matrix structure or who reports to who and how. He is managing people how people go racing at McLaren. So, go ahead and throw out EB. That won't help an iota to McLaren's competitiveness. If you stuck Horner into this loser of a team instead of EB, nothing is going to change. EB can try change the racing spirit/environment but he can't change technical capabilities of his troops. The culture might have well changed but it is same incompetent technical idiots who forgot completely how to create a racing car. Look at team Enstone, with limited resources, they made more gains with their car than McLaren from 2017 to 2018. TR makes better cars than McLaren ffs. I am not even mentioning RB, Merc and Ferrari. McLaren is for a long time a mediocre team that belongs in where it is now - nowhere.
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look at the improvements at enstone after boulder was given his papers

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