Horner praises team effort after China victory

Published on 16 Apr 2018 12:15

Red Bull's team principal Christian Horner was satisfied with the result his team scored in the Chinese Grand Prix. Horner praised the team;s effort after Daniel Ricciardo managed to score his sixth career win. He also made comments about Max Verstappen's performances and had his say about the incident the young Dutchman was involved in the later stage of the race.

Ricciardo scored an unexpected win in China, despite being seemingly out of contention for a good result in the first half of the race. But after the car was deployed, his hopes for a podium came back. Ricciardo outclassed the competition in the last laps of the race and scored his first win of the season and his sixth career win.

When asked about Ricciardo's performance in the Grand Prix, Horner replied: "To achieve our first victory of the year here in China was the result of a fantastic team effort. A strong strategy and a great performance by the pit crew, who have done an amazing job all weekend particularly with the engine change on Daniel’s car; and Daniel drove an amazing race and fully deserved victory."

"Speaking of a team effort, any win begins with all of the guys and girls back at the factory and the dedication and hard work there, and that allows us to enjoy moments like this." Horner added. Red Bull currently sits third in the Constructors' Championship, with 55 points scored in the first three rounds of the 2018 Formula 1 World Championship.



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US ajpennypacker 16 Apr 2018 18:190
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The crew at Red Bull was pretty impressive all weekend. The replacing of the engine from FP3 to qualifying was amazing. Then the double pit-stops and keeping both just under 3s. The pit stop call, and of course Ricciardo's driving. That sad part is that it would have surely become a 1-2 for Red Bull without Verstappen's mistakes. Even after the first mistake with Lewis, he had time to make it to 2nd. But alas, the boy couldn't wait for a proper place to pass.

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