Force India has 'fundamental' problem with 2018 car

Published on 14 Apr 2018 05:08

Force India's technical director Andy Green admits that the Silverstone-based squad is facing a number of issues with its car. After securing fourth in the constructor's championship for two seasons in a row, the team looks nowhere near that target this year.

Currently, it lies in ninth place after picking up a single point from the opening two races. With Sergio Perez being one of six drivers yet to score a point this year, Green spoke about the issues that the team is facing, stating that its data is not correlating.

"It started probably between the Barcelona tests and Melbourne," revealed Green. "We were a bit dubious about the data we were receiving, whether it was real or not, and then we needed to perform more tests on the car and some additional logging on the car, instrumentation, to see if it was a real phenomenon or not.

"Everything we have seen so far suggests it is real so we have been attacking it to try to instigate a change. But as of yet we have yet to make any real inroads into it. It is not a tunnel issue, it is a full-size issue. It doesn't match tunnel or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). The tunnel and CFD match, but unfortunately they don't match reality."

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