Honda boost could mean engine deal for Red Bull

Published on 08 Apr 2018 13:28

McLaren figures have been left red-faced after being outperformed by their old Honda engines in Bahrain. Newly Honda-powered Toro Rosso's Pierre Gasly will start the race from an impressive fifth on Sunday - while Fernando Alonso did not even make the 'Q3' qualifying segment.

Stoffel Vandoorne was even slower, and both were also behind the other Toro Rosso driven by Brendon Hartley: "I have no explanation. Obviously we have not done a good enough job," said Vandoorne.

Fernando Alonso played down the significance of McLaren's ongoing troubles in the wake of the Honda divorce. And earlier, boss Eric Boullier had said McLaren's next goal is the top three teams: "It's ambitious, but from time to time we should be able to fight with Ferrari and Red Bull," he said.

But after qualifying, the Frenchman said he was "surprised" and ordered a "big investigation" back at Woking. For the entire Red Bull camp, however, Saturday's results were a major boost. Red Bull Racing, who like Toro Rosso are also owned by the famous energy drink company, is openly considering a switch from Renault to Honda power for 2019.

"The team obviously has the opportunity to move to another engine. That's no secret," said Daniel Ricciardo. "It's natural that if Toro Rosso continues to do so well, it will reassure Red Bull and the likelihood will be higher. I'm watching, but as drivers we're not involved in the discussions," he added.

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SE calle.itw 08 Apr 2018 13:490
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Lets be a bit more careful here. Im happy to see Honda do well and reacting quickly to detect and fix an issue, and providing a power boost to boot, but its still too early to wave our "Power of dreams" flags while shouting "VTEC Kicked in yo!". We dont know if this is but a fluke. But I do have my flags on the ready... ;)
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It helps but nothing more. Today's result was great but they lucked in a bit. Still great to see though..
NL denis1304 08 Apr 2018 23:080
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Renault is still better PU than Honda, it's just poor aero on McLaren that needs fixing
US UncleElias 09 Apr 2018 00:160
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What's Renault's issue? They couldn't catch Gasly. Haas which has essentially an updated 2017 Ferrari chassis with a current Ferrari PU were also left in the dust.
SE calle.itw 09 Apr 2018 06:100
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Hulk had some kinda battery issue, and KMags car disintegrated. As Denis say, Im pretty sure the Renault unit is better... But I also think the difference is now pretty mcuh negligible, especially if Gasly stick around.

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