Ericsson encouraged by Sauber's straight-line speed

Published on 06 Apr 2018 15:48

Marcus Ericsson says that he is pleased with Sauber's straight-line speed in 2018, saying it is a big difference from last year. During the 2017 season, the Swiss team ran with year-old Ferrari power units, which damaged its chances of strong results.

However, it is now tied to a multi-year deal with Ferrari to run with up-to-date engines. Speaking about the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, Ericsson said that it was encouraging to see the boost in power down the straights.

"Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon were not far ahead of us, but overtaking was a different story," the Swedish driver said to Motorsport-Total." It's very difficult on the Albert Park circuit, but I'm curious to see this weekend where we are on a 'normal' circuit."

"We have seen in Melbourne that our car on the straights is quite efficient and has a good top speed. It's totally different from twelve months ago. It's nice to start a race weekend with the knowledge that we can fight with other teams if we do everything right."

Sauber's Charles Leclerc and Ericsson finished the first practice session from Bahrain in twelfth and seventeenth.


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SE calle.itw 06 Apr 2018 19:250
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You ran a 2016 spec unit in a year when pretty much all suppliers made a decent leap forward, little surprise that you now notice a difference in straight line speed. Sadly, we dont seem to notice an improvement from you, Ericsson. Git gud, or give that seat to Rosenqvist.
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And you base your analyze on 7 race laps last weekend and 2 practises this weekend with a broken floor?
SE calle.itw 07 Apr 2018 07:300
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7 laps in which he was pretty mcuh immediately beaten by a much more impressive team mate. And he didnt exactly impress in winter testing, did he? The car isnt helping, but a good driver will be able to push beyond their car's limits, and it seems like Ericsson cant.
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Erm. Immediately beaten in those 7 laps? LeClerc was only faster on lap 3, which means ERI was faster 85% of those laps in Australia. Testing is just testing...not that LeClerc impressed during the tests either, with the crash etc.

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