Renault defends legality of 2018 exhaust

Published on 10 Mar 2018 11:55

Renault has defended the legality of its 2018 car's exhaust layout. At the rear of the yellow and black car, the engine exhaust is pointed upwards towards the rear wing, which has been reinforced with heat resistant material.

And after running, the rear wing shows signs of heat charring, indicating that Renault is benefitting from outlawed exhaust 'blowing'.

But technical boss Nick Chester said: "I have not heard any complaints. You can arrange the exhaust in various ways and we have just put it closer to the top of the bodywork. On most of the cars, the exhaust gas flow is directed more or less towards the wing, which is why we've developed a solution to make the most of the opportunities that the regulations allow."

"If the exhaust pipe is located where it is allowed to be, I don't see the problem," he added.

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SE calle.itw 10 Mar 2018 12:030
Posts: 5610
Its a smart move, and I sorta hope they dont ban it.
DK Jutlandia 10 Mar 2018 13:25+1
Posts: 175
Maybe on a hotter day, the rear wing will catch fire.
Posts: 242
That would be pretty spectacular. :D
Posts: 323
Why haven’t they banned the double barrel shotgun underneath, presuming it’s a deterrent to the competition getting too close? Very 007 but not very subtle.
That said, looks a bit of a Brawn double diffuser move, smart exploitation of the rules, that’s what innovation is all about. They’ll ban it for sure.
SE calle.itw 10 Mar 2018 19:380
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Oh, oh, I didnt realyl get what you meant until now, but thats some hilarious stuff! XD

Yeah, the other teams will do anything to get this banned, but I hope they will keep it.
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Seriously I’m not sure what the smaller twin tail pipes are, is this a feature on other cars? Maybe the twin outlet they were talking of to make more noise or could they be wastegate outlets off the turbo? Any ideas anyone?
Posts: 323
Having a skip through testing photos these smaller pipes are there on RB, Merc, Williams and Force India. Were they there last season? Other teams have them either side or partially below not fully. Only Renault looks like a double barrel shotgun.
Hope Seb doesn’t do a ‘Hammy’ manoeuvre on a Renault!
SE calle.itw 11 Mar 2018 08:070
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I dont know either, I assume its just additional exhaust pipes or part of some cooling system. Similar piper could be seen on last year's Renault, and as you say, some of this year's cars have them aswell.
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The smaller exhaust pipes seen below the big one on the Renault and on either side on the other cars were added last season, or the season before that. I believe it was fore one reason: to increase the noise from the engines. Don't think it as anything to do with performance, it was to satisfy the noise complaints. SMH...
SE calle.itw 11 Mar 2018 09:550
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Thats probably it, KEAN. There was a similar thing on the RS16: a single, smaller pipe on top of the primary exhaust pipe.
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Current technical PU regulations state,"Engines exhaust systems must have a single tailpipe for the turbine and either one or two tailpipes for the wastegate."
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@ HEPP. Thanks to clarify that, and I do like the Renault configuration, very menacing 😀
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I seem to recall that there has been a possible 5 deg angle allowed for the exhaust for quite a while. Surprising that it hasn't been used before. Maybe they hid it with the monkey seat.
It's a great move.
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Is it allowed to reduce exhaust pipe cross section? (I feel too lazy to read regulations today)
They create nozzle to even father increase speed of flow to reduce pressure under the wing.
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The increased airflow beneath the rear wing is to stabilize the car, no effect at high speed, but, deflected properly at low speed will add to downforce. Similar to air brakes on an airplane when landing.
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Guys the extra pipes you see are the wastegate exhaust which makes the PUs louder since 2017. So I think it’s a requirement within the rules.
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Exhaust pipes have been regulated since 1997. Inside diameter, direction and length. The trick is to "tune" them to maximum efficiency - the more bends in the pipe = more back pressure. Furthermore, the pipes may not be interconnected as to create a Venturi effect. The extreme upward angle takes advantage of low speed aero downforce , because of the limited underbody/diffuser air flow.
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@ HEPP. Could this therefore replicate or assist the effect the red bulls had lost, that of low speed downforce and “switching it on” coming out of slow corners?

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