Azerbaijan says current F1 contract is 'unacceptable'

Published on 13 Feb 2018 09:48

The Azerbaijan government is not sure it will agree to a new race deal with F1 chiefs. Baku hosted its first race on the historic city streets in 2016, with the contract having been negotiated with the now former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone. Now, sports minister Azad Rahimov is planning to stage talks with Liberty Media after the 2018 race in April.

"Within three months after the grand prix, we must give an answer to the leadership of formula one about whether we will extend the contract for another five years until 2025," he told Tass news agency. "Everyone understands that the contract we have now is unacceptable. I think the new leadership of formula one understands that as well," Rahimov added.

"We are talking about a number of commercial conditions, sponsorship rights and the price that we pay," he continued. "But I think both ourselves and the leadership of formula one have the desire to leave the race here." (GMM)

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SE calle.itw 13 Feb 2018 09:59+1
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Then dont accept it. While I didnt dislike the races in Baku, I just found them to be a bit meh, and the track is pretty boring. If we want good races on tracks with long straights, we already have China and Canada, to mention just two.
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Monza and Spa isn't bad. Last year Mercedes had too much advantages in Monza with their aerodynamic concept was there better than Ferrari's and RB's. That on top of their minor engine advantage resulted to dominant performance. This year all reports point towards Mercedes aiming to be better at slow tracks which would likely remove their aero advantage from Monza making it much more even race.

Also Paul Ricards seems like having very fast sections but there is some very slow looking corners which should bring down average speed (from map only because I don't remember races on the track).
SE calle.itw 13 Feb 2018 20:18+1
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Exactly, we have so many good tracks with great straights (I just gave 2 examples). So when Baku comes and says they dont want in, go ahead. I dont mind if they stay or go, really.
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If the contract is unacceptable why did they sign it in the first place? Seems strange that after such a short time start complaining.
US ajpennypacker 13 Feb 2018 17:350
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I understand Bernie was awful and did write contracts that harmed the venue in the long term. However, they CHOSE to sign it. Suddenly, a lot of venues are coming out saying similar things... 'our contract is unacceptable' 'this is not sustainable.' It all seems like attempts to manipulate Liberty into renegotiating better terms. Which I actually think is.healthy for F1 in the long term. It's just annoying to see this headlines
SE calle.itw 13 Feb 2018 20:200
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It is, but I agree that this is most likely healthy for F1. Bernie had a habit of milking anything dry of every last penny so he could make himself even richer. I appreciate Liberty's attempts to save venues like Monza and Silverstone.
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Never turned on by this venue but in fairness I think the TV coverage made too much of the circuit look like racing around a prison compound. From past form at most venues, doubt they make any money. Has to be commercially viable or no point.
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The bandwagon is getting overloaded. Of course they’re going to say that to try and cut a better deal. In the meantime, there are ‘travel advisories’ in existence for British Nationals updated since 2017. It doesn’t exactly say ‘don’t go’ but it doesn’t appear to be the healthiest place on the planet..
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Corrupt with close ties to Putin. I am sure they can pay it. They’re playing a game to reduce price.

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