Formula E expects to be the only viable racing series by 2040

Published on 10 Jan 2018 09:46

Formula E chief Alejandro Agag has said he expects Formula E to be the only viable form of motorsport by 2040, overtaking F1 as the most popular racing series in the process. The all electric series is currently in its fourth series of competition and is going to strength to strength, with major car manufacturers looking to the series as a way to test innovative electric technologies.

Major car manufacturers in the series include Renault, Jaguar, Audi and citroen already have interests in the series, with Mercedes and Porsche set to join in the future, and with the series' set up of racing around the streets of major world cities, the series is already harbouring major interest from the public across the world.

"I think Formula E is going to get really, really big. I believe that in 20, 30, 40 years, we will be the only motorsport out there," Agag told ESPN at a Formula E event in London. "There may be others but we will be probably the main motorsport because the world will be electric If the world is not electric in 20 or 30 years, we are in trouble. So, even if that happens, then Formula E will be the championship of the cars."

His comments came after the announcement of new title sponsor ABB, and went on to remark about how impressed he has been about the growth of the series, saying: "I have been surprised. We are far beyond our expectations from when we launched the project.

" To sign a title partnership like this, with a company like ABB, it's another huge step. We wouldn't have imagined this when we started the project, so we keep getting good surprises so I think that probably means that we are moving in the right direction."


Sam Gale


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I can see it - FE undoubtedly will be where it's at - batteries will get better and better through research - even today a good electric car is faster than a petrol off the mark, can expect that to only improve - Im optimistic for the future of this sport, but for petrolhead today it is hard to buy into it - the smells, the sound, it will all be gone..... shame.
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As long as they wedge strips of plastic in the wheels to make brm brm sounds i’ll Be happy.
SE calle.itw 10 Jan 2018 11:100
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Electric racing might be the only viable racing series, but I doubt Formula E will be the one. The tech just isnt there yet, and if FE doesnt get better soon, it'll die long before that.
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The only thing that is keeping them somewhat relevant is the influx of manufactures. But that all means very little if there's no audience.
I have tried my best to like it. I really have! But there are just so many things wrong with it. I think that a lot of people hand sampled it, only to be turned off. It'll be hard to get these people to give it another chance if it does end up getting good.
SE calle.itw 10 Jan 2018 13:080
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I havent watched it yet, but its on my to do list. But as you say, you can have as much support from companies as you like, if nobody is watching, it wont survive, and AFAIK, the viewing hasnt increased. F1 will likely remain the pinnacle of motorsport, and the day they go electrical, FE will lose its sole differentiating factor. Without that, its nothing.
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I just watched FE and it's improving, sure the sound needs some getting used to but the driving and drama is there. I tend to agree with Alejandro Agag. Next year they will drive the whole race with 1 charge. I actually like the swap of cars.

The FE cars will get quicker and I can see an time when they will allow recharging which if FE allows that it will get better and better.

Not sure what improvements F1 can do. ICE is going to be a thing of the past.
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Looking 22 years into the future, with the current advancement in technology is insane.
If I were FE I would be much more concerned with being a viable series the coming years. Hell, I'd be concerned with surviving the coming years.
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And I am the next lotto winner
Formula e sounds like drone or radio controlled car racing
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ABB title sponsor! Maybe AI robots will take over from the drivers and we will have autonomous racing cars in 40 years time. They can all keep a safe distance apart with no overtaking or crashes. Oh, wait a minute......
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See my response from yesterday about their new sponsor. Same goes for today and tomorrow and the next day etc. etc. etc.

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