Zak Brown and McLaren eager “to get back into winning ways”

Published on 03 Jan 2018 10:19

McLaren’s Zak Brown has come out saying the team are already excited for the new Formula 1 season. 2018 is a new era for McLaren with Renault becoming their new engine providers after a disappointing three-year spell with Honda. With a respectable first season performance by Stoffel Vandoorne and two-time world champion Fernando Alonso signing a new contract, the preparations are looking very promising for the Woking-based team.

The last time McLaren won a race in F1 was back in November 2012 when Jenson Button finished first at the Brazilian Grand Prix, the final race of the 2012 calendar. The race was also remembered for being Lewis Hamilton’s final appearance in a McLaren car. Since then McLaren has had less success, failing to even finish in the podium spots. However 2018 could see one of F1’s most successful teams regain their glorious status.

Brown praised the working atmosphere back at McLaren’s HQ: "The unbelievable thing about this place is, when you walk the halls, this is a team that has won 20 world championships and everyone is very proud," Brown told Racer Magazine. "I've never been to a place where for so many people their life is McLaren or they wanted to work at McLaren their whole life. I'm not sure many companies have that level of enthusiasm from their employees.”

Many believe McLaren could be competing along with Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull for the front row in the new season and with testing and the reveal of all cars being just around the corner, the executive director and the rest of the team cannot wait.

Brown added: "Morale is great, people are working hard, we're excited. We've got a new livery coming, we've got a new garage coming, we've got a new engine coming, we've got the two drivers we wanted.

"Everyone's working well together. Eric [Boullier] is happy with everything that he has. I asked him the other day 'Anything else you need?' 'Nope, I got what I need.' So everyone is excited and the anticipation is building. I wish Australia was tomorrow. Desire to get back to our winning ways is off the chart. It's really made everyone hungrier and I think that's a good place for the organization to be. A really hungry McLaren, that's a good thing."


Jamie Davies

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Non story. I don’t believe that Zak Brown or Eric Boullier have what it takes to drive McKaren forward. Brown has already failed at getting a major sponsor and that’s supposed to be his speciality! As for Boullier, what has he ever achieved apart from a short spell at Renault/Lotus when they produced a decent car. They’ll need Ron back, and the shareholders will soon realise this..
GB f1fan0101 03 Jan 2018 12:26+1
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Disagree. Ron will not come back, there are plenty of others who are fit to lead McLaren
SE calle.itw 03 Jan 2018 13:320
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Dennis really didnt benefit McLaren during the while he was back. One could even speculate in that he damaged McLaren more than he benefitted him. Dennis had his era, and he did a great job back then, but McLaren need someone else.
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They need Ron back? You realize he was the one who orchestrated the exclusive works engine deal with Honda and then blocked supply to any other team, basically cementing their fate over the last three years? That was ALL RON!
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I doubt they will have winning ways until the Renault PU is up to scratch - maybe never?

The fun part is that Both Hamilton and Alonso must be very p***ed off that McLaren's last win was with the better driver and the better guy of the three ie Mr Button- who endured years and years and years of rubbish Honda engines (not just in the McLaren for those newer readers!)
BE krommenaas 03 Jan 2018 21:190
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Yeah I'm sure Hamilton gets really upset about that while he polishes his 4 WDC trophies.
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you are right.

apart from one short period of excellence, the japanese have rarely produced engines that could perform in formula1.
we have had two recent eras of poor hondas, a reasonable but ultimately unsuccessful Toyota bid and a forgettable yamaha effort.
strange considering those are three huge companies.
BE krommenaas 03 Jan 2018 21:220
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They know their true form will show in Australia, by simple comparison with Red Bull, yet they're not making the excuses they could be making like "we had to change the car so we'll have some catching up to do". So their confidence seems real at least, can't wait to find out if it's justified too.
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Where have you been? Hyping their chances during the off-season is what they do every year. The Honda engine was unbelievable until they were forced to show it in testing.

They'll puff a lot of smoke now, but once their lack of pace is on full display on track, the excuses will come.
SE calle.itw 04 Jan 2018 00:070
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I agree with BHURT. This is standard McLaren procedure.
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Of course Eric Boullier is happy and there isn't a single thing he or the team needs right now in order to have a better car in Australia.

"I wish Australia was tomorrow."

What an ass-hat.

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