Max Verstappen: "Grid girls must stay in F1"

Published on 15 Dec 2017 09:14

F1 drivers hope 'grid girls' remain a part of formula one in the future. In an increasingly progressive world and under the new Liberty Media regime, F1 sporting director Ross Brawn admits using scantily clad women on the grid is "under strong review".

"There's a lot of people who respect the tradition and there's people who feel that it has become a bit dated, so we're addressing that," he told the BBC.

But Max Verstappen, the 20-year-old Red Bull driver, made his opinion on the matter very clear, telling Bild newspaper: "The grid girls must stay."

Nico Hulkenberg added: "It would be a pity if they took the eye-jewellery from the grid. What will come next year instead? Halo? Oh dear," the Renault driver added.

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I think they should stop using grid girls. Also, Max should ask himself would he like if his (one day) daughter is used this way as well.

It's their choice, I know, but maybe they wouldn't have taken up that choice had it not been offered at all.
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I agree. Having grid girls does nothing to stop the objectification of women, in fact it just adds to it. To me it's an archaic custum that should be done away with. I wrote something like this when they had grid boys in Monaco, and suddenly I found myself in a sh*t storm from "alfa-males" who called me a "softy", a "politically correct" a-hole.
SE calle.itw 15 Dec 2017 10:20+1
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Well, we are Swedes, so obviously we are politically correct softies. Since when has the internet been wrong? ;)
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I agree with Max. The girls aren’t being ‘used’ and they’re not being forced - it’s a job to them. Yes, my two daughters would do it and yes I’d encourage them if their beauty gave pleasure for others to behold. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it only in your minds. What an insanely boring and single dimensional world you people are making for yourselves..Bring on grid guys too! Why not?
SE calle.itw 15 Dec 2017 10:18+1
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Grid girls/boys are a relic of the past, they really dont contribute to the show. Guys either dont really care for them or see them that much, girls get annoyed by them or dont care about them too much.
NL mclarenfan1968 15 Dec 2017 10:50+1
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Them old pervs want to see some skin from time to time, that's why the "old tradition" still lives on.
NL mclarenfan1968 15 Dec 2017 10:49+2
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Wow "women are eye jewellery". This is just as bad as how Muslim savages treat women like objects to be used for personal satisfaction.

F1 drivers have becomes pervs.

Grid girls should be done away with totally, they are not eye candy.
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Yeah, Hülkenberg really needs a re-think. Talk about reducing a person to an object for personal satisfaction. Vettel said something similar in the grid boy discussion in Monaco. Seems like many of the drivers needs to wake up and become part of the solution and stop being part of the problem.
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What's wrong with being eye-candy?

The political correctness era we are in right now is nauseating. Pretty girls and fast cars go very well together.
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The reduction of a person into a singularity creates a hierarchy. The men place themselves above women in this case, the women only serve at the pleasure of men. Usually the people or demographic in the position of power finds no problem with this, but being politically correct often means that you recognize that it’s not up to the demographic in a power position to decide when a demographic in a weaker position has the right to get offended.
NL mclarenfan1968 18 Dec 2017 06:500
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@mbmwe36 You are one sick f*ck, seriously. I hope you don't have a daughter, I would genuinely be fearful for her safety. Pedos everywhere giving justifications like you just did.

Women are not eye-candy they are individuals just like men. This is isn't even a SJW type argument. How many FIA races have Young men as boy-toys? Hmm? Why not? What happened swallowed your tongue?

Feminists and SJWs are scum but what you are saying is just uncivilized filth. Your devolved mindset should stay where it belongs, medieval ages.
BE krommenaas 15 Dec 2017 11:230
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I wouldn't mind grid girls if there were grid guys too. But the drivers with grid guys holding their number would probably not be happy about it :)

The way it is now is sexist and archaic in any case. A 20 year old dude is bound to disagree. Ask him again when he's older and has a daughter.
SE calle.itw 15 Dec 2017 12:20+1
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Im 23, and I dont mind if it goes away. I mean, most of us like looking at ladies and or guys, but it doesnt contribute to the show, and just doesnt really seem worth it. I really find the concept of grid girls and podium girls to be a bit outdated.
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I'm 34, and I disagree with you.

What exactly is being sexist about it to the point that you are offended? 92% of the audience are males. Most males like looking at females, rather than other males. Hell, most women I know who are comfortable in their own skin like looking at attractive women.

That being said, I'm sure we'll have trans-people and people who identify as refrigerators being podium "people" in the near future, because diversity...
US Rindtchamp 15 Dec 2017 12:22+1
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Remove the girls and add Halos,yeah I'm sure that's a good way to attract new fans

SE calle.itw 15 Dec 2017 13:49+1
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Have you ever heard anyone who says they watch F1 just to see the grid babes?
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I haven't. But it all adds up. In a vacuum, sure you could remove the girls, and not much would change.
But thus far, in this year alone, we've had a new logo, the decision of introduction of the halo, the failed Michael Buffer experiment, a ridiculous engine allocation and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Going back further, there is the horrible tyre structure with a single supplier, no refueling. Looking into the future a budget cap and standardised parts among a plethora of other changes being discussed.
You are now left with a very watered down version of F1, where with the exception of Max, you don't even really have any characters left.
SE calle.itw 15 Dec 2017 15:35+1
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Not really any characters left? Im sure Ricciardo, Hamilton (whatever we think about him) and even Vettel are inclined to disagree. Heck, K-Mag, I would say, is a character.
Nay, I dont think we lack that.

I agree that the allocations will most certainly damage the sport, its my belief it did this year. Refuelling being gone... Well F1 isnt an endurance series, so I'd say it didnt harm the sport in the long run. Tyres certainly could improve.

The Halo wont hinder me from watching, if it leads to higher safety chances are drivers can push harder, meaning we get more exciting races. Sure aint pretty, but wont affect me.

But of all of the things, grid babes or bobs are probably the least insignificant thing. Vacuum or not, it wouldnt harm the sport if it went away. I rarely even see them on the British streams or the Swedish live airings or highlights, so it'll likely not affect viewers at all, and how well can you see them fom the lectars? I dont think it'll affect those "SJWs", since they likely dont watch F1, but it doesnt bother me if they feel more welcome if we remove such a miniscule thing. At the end of it, we have to ask: if its such a pointless thing, and it doesnt impact viewing, it doesnt contribute to the sport, or really serve a purpose other than being some eye candy, why do we have it?
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Max and Nico are totally wrong, if feel rather uncomfortable seeing this when watching the race on TV
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It’s all too funny. “On a par with Muslim Savages” oh dear oh dear everyone has got mixed up a little here. Keep ‘em, drop ‘em I don’t give a monkeys but whatever you do, don’t lose any sleep over it. Life’s tough enough as it is.
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As a matter of interest, this thread has the most comments ever on F1 Today! Well done guys, priorities priorities. I bet Max is laughing, after all, he started this wind up which is what it is.
US ajpennypacker 15 Dec 2017 20:280
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First of all, I applaud Liberty for looking into this. It's the right thing to do. The Trump crowd will resent it, but having a long-standing tradition of objectifying women doesn't make it right. Some of the comments the drivers have made are part of the problem. I like for the grid girls to be around because it adds to the show. But I also see that it's totally wrong.
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why don't we invite interesting guests to come and hold the banners?

could make it part of the show and announce them at the same time as the driver.
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I think they should have young go-carters hold the banners. It would be exciting for young kids with big dreams to be on the grid.
US Educatanho 16 Dec 2017 00:520
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Sorry girls ... man will end up with their jobs, the choice is ours! impocrisy never ends
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Nothing wrong with the girls modelling - last time I checked modelling is everywhere, this is an opportunity to bring glamour into the racing world, they are not being exploited and I wouldn't mind a bit if my daughter was lucky enough to be asked to do this. Surely this is no more than fashion show modelling? It's not as if they are being asked to do a sexy dance routine to go along with it - they are just holding a placard.....come on guys, this really isn't degrading women. Are there are women bloggers on here - id like to hear their views on this? ps. Not seen a post as long as this on any other subject before !! Ha.

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