Sauber introduce 3D-metal printing machine at Hinwil base

Published on 05 Dec 2017 17:00

Sauber has announced that it has set up a 3D-metal printing machine in its factory at Hinwil. The Swiss team struggled throughout the 2017 campaign, finishing last out of the 10 constructors. Next season, it hopes to make improvements as it will run with up-to-date Ferrari power, compared to the year-old units it had in 2017.

Sauber announced back in June of this year that it was entering a technical partnership with Additive Industries. The team confirmed on Tuesday that it had added a MetalFAB1 machine in its factory, with a second 3D-printing system to follow in 2018.

"In this partnership we will enable the Sauber F1 Team professionals to accelerate in the metal additive manufacturing domain," said Daan Kersten, CEO of Additive Industries. "We are grateful that in return, we can use Sauber’s brand new state-of-the-art production facility in Hinwil as a training facility for our European customer base."

Axel Kruse, Operations Director at Sauber Motorsport AG added:
"In manufacturing industry technology there is a sense of revolution – not only because of the progress in digitalisation. Together with Additive Industries, the Sauber F1 Team will develop the necessary know-how in additive manufacturing, for Formula 1, as well as for third-party business.

"It is the perfect time for us to take on this challenge with Additive Industries to tackle the steep learning curve to 3D print parts for the Sauber F1 Team race cars as well as for third party applications."

Replies (7)
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It's a chance to improve results for Sauber. #ForzaMarcus
SE calle.itw 05 Dec 2017 20:050
Posts: 5661
Surely the other teams has something similar? Mind, its a sound idea, certainly speeds things up.
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Pretty sure they do. They have to.
I was actually surprised that Sauber didn't have something like this already.
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I read that Vesseur intends to enhance team by new additional staff. They want to be a competitive in next year. It's last chance for Marcus to gain good results.
SE calle.itw 06 Dec 2017 17:330
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Im sure they have this. Its true that its new tech, but its spread so quickly that Im sure teams like Ferrari already have it. Either way, Im sure it'll help Sauber.
US ajpennypacker 05 Dec 2017 22:080
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I'd love for Sauber to become a strong team. Sauber is one of those teams that in my mind is part of the F1 legacy. They have brought up some great drivers. Put out some incredible podiums. I just hope they don't become Ferrari's Toro Rosso... that would be terrible
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3D metal printing is gaining ground now they’re starting to get good densities. But it moves F1 even further from the supposed spin off for OEM vehicle manufacture. It’s still predominantly a laboratory process. A must have for pinnacle of ‘time to market’. Merc probably have 20 of them already.

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