Italian press worried about flagging Ferrari form

Published on 28 Nov 2017 12:55

The Italian press is heading into the winter break concerned about Ferrari's late-season performance. Mercedes finished its 2017 campaign with both the drivers' and constructors' titles and a one-two in Abu Dhabi. "It was a sad and pale finale for Ferrari," said La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"Questions hang in the air. Is Vettel-Raikkonen able to beat Hamilton-Bottas? What caused the psychological collapse of Vettel and the wavering achievements of Raikkonen? Does Ferrari need a mental coach or the complaints of Arrivabene and Marchionne? From the outside one has the impression that at Ferrari there is a constant, exaggerated and pointless tension," the sports daily concluded.

Corriere dello Sport said that as the fireworks exploded in Abu Dhabi, "the alarm bells sounded in Maranello". Well-known Italian F1 insider Leo Turrini wrote: "Napoleon claimed he could change the world in 100 days but he failed. Now Arrivabene and Binotto have just over 11 days to prepare for 2018." (GMM)

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US ajpennypacker 28 Nov 2017 19:540
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The car was more than capable. Vettel is capable but also his own worst enemy. The weakest link here is Raikkonen. He is such a mediocre driver these days. They will never win a constructor's championship again until they get strong second driver. Ferrari is used to this, they like having a weak driver, but this is not 2002. They don't have the fastest car by far, so they need both drivers fighting for victories. But I don't see it happening, and I expect them to struggle next year fighting it out with Red Bull and hopefully Mclaren
SE calle.itw 28 Nov 2017 21:000
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Agreed. I honestly think Vettel was the difference here, but it would be far nicer of Ferrari to let Kimi go. I can think of several drivers, Perez and Hulk to mention just two, which would perform alot better. I like Kimi, but he is holding them up.

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