Abu Dhabi test for Robert Kubica not yet confirmed

Published on 13 Nov 2017 14:14

A test for Robert Kubica in Abu Dhabi is not quite set in stone. Earlier, Williams boss Paddy Lowe admitted the Pole would "almost certainly" get a run in the team's 2017 car in the forthcoming post-grand prix test. But he has now told the Finnish broadcaster C More: "That's not quite right."

However, another Finnish source - MTV - insists that Kubica, the former BMW and Renault driver, is very close to securing a full-time Williams contract to race in 2018. In fact, a French broadcaster reported from Interlagos on Sunday that the deal is even signed.

"According to MTV Sport, however, while the agreement is very close, the details are still being defined," the Finnish report said. Kubica last raced in F1 in 2010, shortly before almost severing his forearm in a near-fatal off-season rallying crash. (GMM)

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DE juju_hound 13 Nov 2017 14:180
Posts: 117
I'm really geting bored of those news I call fake since not confirmed by Williams. Let's wait and see. The bubble is getting bigger and bigger.
US mcbhargav 14 Nov 2017 00:020
Posts: 487
Hope, he is not used as a tool for free publicity. Williams, Liberty Media, and FIA will be answerable in that order if anything unexpected happens to the driver.
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A lot of PR in Kubica, a lot of unconfirmed rumors, someone is trying very hard ... Only, it is not yet known why ...
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It’s his management team...they have planted articles in media for months now.
NL Tifoso-01 14 Nov 2017 23:270
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I am sick and tired of it and I hope they will choose a young gun like George Russell(very impressing in FP1 last Friday) or maybe Danyl Kvyat, P.Wehrlein.

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