Hamilton happy after "fun" Brazilian GP

Published on 12 Nov 2017 19:07

Lewis Hamilton admits that he had a fun Grand Prix, coming through the field after starting in the pitlane. The Briton shockingly crashed out of qualifying on Saturday and was fitted with new engine components, meaning he didn't take the normal start procedure.

By the end of the first lap, he was up into fourteenth place after several drivers were involved in collisions. In the end, he recovered to fourth despite a heavy charge on Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen for the final step on the podium.

"It was fun," he said. "It felt reminiscent of my karting days when I always started at the back.  I messed up yesterday and put myself in the worst possible position. I was quick enough to win the race from pole to the flag and I didn't do that so I made the job a lot harder.

"Waking up this morning my goal was just to redeem myself after yesterday's mistake and really do the team proud and try and get the points back. I was trying to get back to third but I just ran out of tyres in the end.

"There's no room for mistakes when you're working to be the best, but of course it happens and it's part of the growing process. It's not what you work towards. I've had a very clean year, I've had no crashes and I've managed the car."

After his strong driver through the field, Formula 1 fans voted the world champion Driver of the Day. He thanked the fans that voted for him, stating that he hoped they enjoyed the show he put on.

"Yesterday is behind me and today was positive. To get back to fourth I have to be very grateful and be happy with that. Thank you to all the fans who voted me [for Driver of the Day], I hope you enjoyed the show and I promise I gave it everything from my heart and the car."


Fergal Walsh

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