Kubica completes "successful" Silverstone test with Williams

Published on 11 Oct 2017 18:51

Robert Kubica has completed a test day with Williams at the Silverstone Circuit, as the Grove-based team begin to evaluate the Pole. Kubica is in contention for a 2018 drive with the team, competing for a place to partner Lance Stroll.

A spokesperson mentioned that Kubica "completed a successful day with the team". After three tests with Renault earlier in 2017, the 32-year-old lost out on a chance to drive for the French team in 2018 as it opted to bring in Carlos Sainz, loaned out by Red Bull.

Kubica drove the FW36, Williams' 2014 competitor. He is set to test the car once again next week at the Hungaroring, with reserve driver Paul di Resta also driving the car on the same day. Both men will be assessed for a chance at a 2018 seat, but Williams has not ruled out current driver Felipe Massa for next season.


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IT's great to see Kubica in cockpit again!
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Williams would be stupid to keep Massa.
US Rindtchamp 11 Oct 2017 19:430
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PLEASE Williams, put Massa out to pasture and sign Robert. it's good for us, its good for F1 and it's good for Williams. DO IT!
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yet only one little step plissssssssss!
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Not a chance that Williams will sign him for 2018.
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So... I give You a fragment of the novel, which i read recently..

It was few days after Japanese gP.
The sky was dark and cloudy,
The moon was high.
It could be about 10 p.m. o'colck...
but I don't remember exectly.
I was with my wife and children,
we returned home after long journey..
Beeing in departure hall and waiting for the flight home,
i saw a familiar person sittin alone in the corner...
It was my friend Marcus !
Man.. he looks bad :/ so i decided to approach him.
I asked politely: Marcus what wrong with you ??
He said with sad eyes: They want to throw me out, cuz they say I'm not fast enough..
I wanted to cheer him up, so i said: Listen Marcus not all have the skills to drive in f1.. like Kubica..
They also get rid of Maldonado and he was able to accept it.
Marcus: But I paid them, I paid them for all the seasons..
I paid them for all the cars i f*cking crashed, what they still want from me !?
I said: You know Marcus, there are things in this world that you cannot
buy with your money..
Marcus: What do you mean ?!
I said: Money isn't evrything, my friend...
He's face just freeze and filled with anger.
He just started throwing shit at me:
You're wrong..
Leave me alone !
for fuck's sake !

I was confused :/
i decided to leave him.

based on the novel:
"The Curious Case of Marcus Ericsson"
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I wouldn’t give up your day job just yet Savio..
CA RacetoWin 12 Oct 2017 05:540
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Hey Claire!

when massa is getting beat by a 18year old rookie then its time for him to go, You can choose a guy like robert Kubica who was very quick but also had some major crashes.
let Kubica be done, as he's used all but 1 of his 9 lives.

Here's a thought, why not go with a canadian duo? X red Bull JR driver and Mercedes DTM racer robert wickens also had an f1 Super license before the age of 20, he was being coached by michael schumacher before his accident. Robert Wickens is an open wheel racer racing in DTM and he's a mercedes driver! (maybe it'll help with an engine discount) when he lost his red bull jr seat he then switched to marussia just to get in FP1 in abu dahbi, he did very well yet it was his only F1 drive, the first canadian in F1 since Jauqes.

next, get on your engineering hat and get that tail up in the air, use large degree caster spindles with forward profiled suspension in the front, trim the bottom wing flat to match the caster and allow your rear suspension to stretch the wheelbase when compressed, red bull and ferrari are both doing it and thats why their front wings are going so low in the corners yet high enough to reduce drag in the straights. I'm also suspecting both red bull and mercedes are using a limited float rear end, this allows the rear of the car to pivot away from the corner during non throttle corners and simulates 4 wheel steering. Last but not least it seems that ferrari and mercedes are using a front to rear anti roll bar, i cant tell if they are aligned left and right or if its an X pattern left front to right rear and right front to left rear, this would put more weight onto the rear tire and allow it to compress the same as if was running at a lower tire pressure.

hope you guys get back into the game, i miss seeing the williams up front. you have the motor, tweak your chassis design and return to winning.
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Front to rear anti roll bar. An interesting solution to the perennial traction problem, but, wouldn’t such a device be punishingly heavy? It would have be made of steel as it’s the only material that would allow deformation and return to its original state, ie twist. That would make it a rather large lump. On the plus side, it would be very low on the car so a positive affect on c of g.
GB Major Tom 13 Oct 2017 17:300
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Please not Massa. I'm sure he is the nicest of guys but he is now one of the slowest of drivers. If Williams can't find somebody quicker then they really are in trouble.

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