Rosberg: "Bad career choices Alonso not bad luck"

Published on 10 Oct 2017 16:28

Only Fernando Alonso is to blame for the Spaniard's failure to add another title to his tally in over a decade. That is the view of the reigning world champion Nico Rosberg, who came out of retirement to appear as a pundit for British television at Suzuka last weekend.

When asked by Spain's AS newspaper to comment on Alonso's "bad luck" since winning his second title for Renault in 2005, Rosberg said: "It was not bad luck. It's not bad luck when you choose the wrong teams to be at, because that's all part of being a top driver. You can be the best driver in the world, but you won't win in a bad car," the German added.

So when asked if Alonso is making the right choice by staying with McLaren next year, Rosberg answered: "It's his only option." Told however that Alonso has hinted at a move to Le Mans or Indycar, Rosberg said: "Yes, but that's not formula one -- and formula one is the maximum." (GMM)

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He is right too
US ajpennypacker 10 Oct 2017 18:30+1
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Getting tired of hearing Rosberg lately... Alonso has been extraordinarily unlucky. All drivers gamble when they switch teams. They have no way of knowing what will happen. Alonso could easily have 5 championships. Rosberg could have zero championships, but was very lucky that Hamilton struggled so much with unreliability. So there
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I don't understand what Rosberg is on about. Alonso came within a point to win in 2007 in a team where the team principal favored the other driver (Alonso may have acted immaturely, but non the less, Dennis favored Hamilton). Then he came within 3-4 points to winning in 2010 and 2012 in a car that was clearly not as good as the Red Bull. In 2012 it was definately his bad luck that Grosjean crashed into him at Spa, and that cost him the championship. To me it was during his years at Ferrari, when he was dragging that car as far up the points table as he did, when he proved he's the best driver on the grid. Hamilton may have him beat in quali pace, but no one is a better racer.
DE juju_hound 11 Oct 2017 09:050
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Alonso and Hamilton are comparable as Prost and Senna; Alo and Pro are better racers while Sen and Ham are/were better qualifyers
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Nico, just walk away. That's what it means to retire (quit).
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Rosberg is correct. Alonso's so called bad luck is nothing todo with luck he left mclaren and ferrari under cloud. Top drivers will be wanted by top teams. I was actually surprised that mclaren had him back also it was the only place that was left at the time.

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