Liberty eyes 150 million budget cap for F1 in 2021

Published on 13 Sep 2017 14:27

Liberty Media is looking to introduce a budget cap of EUR 150 million per team from 2021. Germany's Sport Bild reports that the new F1 owner intends to bring in the dramatic rule to compliment the cheaper engine rules, with teams then allowed to spend a further EUR 50 million on marketing, hospitality and drivers.

The smaller teams are obviously supportive of the move to level the playing field. "That number (EUR 150m) would actually be an increase for us," said Haas team owner Gene Haas. "I think the bigger problem is the bigger teams."

Indeed, staff numbers counting 1000 plus are no longer unusual at the top of F1, so the biggest impact of the budget cap would be the forced loss of hundreds of jobs. "That's where the new owners are going to run into some big obstacles," said Haas. "You just can't change it overnight."

But that's where the pre-2021 'glide path' comes in, with even Mercedes' Toto Wolff saying he is open to budget cap discussions about that. "I think we all live in the same financial reality, we have all seen teams growing dramatically over the years and we are all very sensible about wanting to somehow contain it," he said. "The discussions that have been happening are at a very early stage but I think there is no big disagreement." (GMM)

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what are the current budgets of Mercedes, Ferrari, RBR and Mclaren, anyone?
GB F1todayfan101 13 Sep 2017 15:280
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SE calle.itw 13 Sep 2017 16:420
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This I suspect will benefit the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes greatly. There is no way to control how they develop their "street cars" and I would suspect there will be quite the unofficial crossover between the different departments.
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Totally agree, development through the back door. How would they ever police what would be happening on engine design simulations and dyno's in the OEM's. Development straight jacket on the independent teams.
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Changes will be required; However I can't see Ferrari supporting this change.
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Ferrari say that formula 1 is part of their business model. it helps them sell road cars and the road cars help pay for F1.
that's a perfectly legitimate way to go about it.
and if a great F1 idea or technology gets on to a road car great.
and visa versa is ok too.
i don't believe we can tell them to separate the racing from the road car business completely
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No shortage of dumb ideas in F1. This is yet another one.

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