Pirelli state teams will have to carefully monitor practice data in Singapore

Published on 12 Sep 2017 16:19

Pirelli chief Mario Isola says that teams must pay a lot of attention to the data gathered from the drivers during the free practice sessions due to the night time evolution in Singapore. As the Singapore Grand Prix takes place at night, the temperatures will grow ever cooler as the sessions progress.

"In order to prepare, teams will have to pay particularly close attention to the free practice data as track temperature at night will evolve in quite a different way than it does at a conventional daytime race," Isola said. "Understanding this will be key to getting a good handle on wear and degradation rates, and so implementing an effective tyre strategy."

Isola also admitted that strategy will play a very important role in a race that has a very high chance for a safety car. In the nine races that have been held in Singapore, there has been safety car deployed fourteen times.

"Singapore is always one of the most exciting and unpredictable races of the year, in which pit stop strategy often plays a crucial role in the outcome: also because of the near certainty of a safety car at some point during the arduous two hours. Having said that, pole position has historically had a strong influence on the race win at Marina Bay, so qualifying will be crucial as well."

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