NASCAR's Bowyer thinks of F1 cars as spaceships

Published on 14 Aug 2017 13:47

NASCAR racer Clint Bowyer has said that Formula 1 cars remind him of spaceships. The American races for the Stewart-Haas team and has direct links to Gene Haas, the owner of the Haas F1 team. F1 designers pride themselves on precision and attention to detail, making Bowyer rub his eyes when viewing them.

He admits that he would like to test one, as fellow stock car racer Jeff Gordon did: "I can’t even get up early enough to watch those races, let alone compete in them," he laughed. "I would love to maybe test one. I know [Jeff] Gordon did that and have talked to him about that experience. 

"It’s just amazing what those cars are capable of doing, but they look more like spaceships than race cars, if you ask me. I grew up in Kansas, and we didn’t have anything like that. We couldn’t even get the (TV) station that covered F1, so I don’t know. And I can’t understand the announcer that covers it anyway, so I don’t know about that."

"I would like to go to that track that has all the boats on it, with those big yachts," Bowyer added, referring to the glamorous and iconic Monaco dock. "If you can find me a rig like that to back up to the track and watch them when I retire, I’ll go with you -- how about that? You’d have to talk to everybody, though. I won’t be able to do that, either."

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US ajpennypacker 14 Aug 2017 16:370
Posts: 1414
I would be very easy to mock the Nascar culture, but I rather point out how this comments show the failure of Formula 1 as a brand. A kid obsessed with racing who couldn't even find the races on TV. A professional racing driver that can't name the Monaco GP. That's just how it is in the United STATES. Nascar, even with their pathetic racing, has a powerful brand that reaches to many more demographics. I am not suggesting F1 become like Nascar, but the level of exclusivity Ecclestone enforced is what made the sport go into crisis mode.
GB f1fan0101 14 Aug 2017 17:22+1
Posts: 1316
NASCAR is promoted amazingly in the US, just look at how many people fill the grandstands at every event
DK Jutlandia 14 Aug 2017 22:05+1
Posts: 176
The new owners of F1 could learn a thing or two how NASCAR has done the job of promoting.
SE calle.itw 15 Aug 2017 10:410
Posts: 5655
Yeah, promotion for F1 really need to improve. Accessibility also need to get better. Its ridiculous how F1 has migrated to pay channels. Heck, I cant even just buy the one channel I need for F1, I have to buy an entire bloody package just to watch that.
Posts: 330
I watch NASCAR on the odd occasion to be able to access a channel that gives coverage, not at present unfortunately, and F1. I like Clint Bowyer's take and to me what comes across is NASCAR has retained racing at its heart not technology. F1 needs a little less cutting edge to bring back the racing element. Less aero, less technology more power. Let the drivers fight with the cars and against each other, not be governed by the team or two that are spending the most eye watering amount of money.
US Ram Samartha 15 Aug 2017 21:030
Posts: 254
Definitely promotion is key for the US market. Would love to see an F1 car cruising the streets of NYC or San Fran. That would get people's attention. The other problem is coverage. NBC does a shit job covering races, at least they put the race in a small window on the screen during commercials now, but you still can't see what's going on. I watch all the races online for the best coverage. I've been an F1 for over 20 years, but that's because I was living in Europe back then. I call NASCAR red-neck bumper cars at 200mph and can't stand to watch them going around in circles in packs.

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