Video: Lando Norris tries out the F1 2017 game

Published on 10 Aug 2017 16:07

Lando Norris tried out the F1 2017 game which is set to land later this month. The game, produced by Codemasters, has produced high interest from many and looks likely to be the company's most successful release to date. Norris was able to play the game before its release, fresh from his test in Hungary, where he drove the McLaren MCL32.

"Getting behind the wheel for the first time was a really great feeling - after my test in the 2017 car in Hungary, I’m happy to confirm that these cars are much faster and more intense to drive, and that really comes across in the new game," Norris said. "I think people are going to have a lot of fun driving the new breed of Grand Prix car in F1 2017.

"It was also a really nice experience to get to re-live several chapters of McLaren’s past by driving classic cars from 1988, 1991, ’98 and 2008, each representing a world championship success for the team. The 2008 title-winning car has tons of downforce, and is a lot of fun to throw about. The heritage cars are really the icing on the cake."

Video courtesy of F1® Games From Codemasters

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