Steiner believes Magnussen is more of a challenge for Grosjean

Published on 10 Aug 2017 15:10

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner has said that the arrival of Kevin Magnussen at the American squad has stopped Romain Grosjean getting complacent at the team. In 2016, Grosjean was clearly the strongest driver within the outfit, as former teammate Esteban Gutierrez consistently failed to match the pace of the Frenchman.

This year, Magnussen has proven more of a challenge for Grosjean, as the two are more closely matched than Haas' 2016 lineup. In qualifying, Grosjean has a 7-4 edge, but there is not much separating the two in the driver's championship, as Grosjean is ahead by just 7 points.

Speaking to Autosport, Steiner said: "He reacted well. I think he took it down as a challenge. Maybe at the beginning, he was maybe out of his comfort zone but I think they get the best when they are just a little bit out of their comfort zone because when you are in the comfort zone you stagnate."


Fergal Walsh

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Perhaps he sucks his b*lls...
US mcbhargav 10 Aug 2017 17:040
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KMag might settle down better in the second half.
DK Jutlandia 10 Aug 2017 21:190
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I think that you're spot on there.
KMag has admitted that not knowing what is going to happen the next season has not been helping him in terms of driving.

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