Carlos Sainz: "Formula 1 has two different categories"

Published on 10 Aug 2017 09:52

Toro Rosso driver Carlos Sainz believes that there are currently two different categories in F1 due to the top three teams of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull being a cut above the rest this season. Sainz has finished in the top ten seven times so far this year with his best result coming in Monaco - sixth position.

He believes that the “two different categories” in F1 has come about since the new technical regulations have been introduced and feels the issue could get worse due to the superior funds the top three teams have at their disposal.

"I want to think the gap will be closed a bit, and I do think it's a massive difference, a difference that's way too big," he said of the gap between the leading trio and the rest. "On the other hand the gap has just increased this year, throughout the year Mercedes and Ferrari have run away because they have more resources, more money to develop.

"In my opinion at the moment we have two different categories in Formula 1 and it's not what Formula 1 should be about, you know, so hopefully it's something that will not happen next year. For us, as a midfield team, we don't even look at what Mercedes is doing, as it's just a different category at the moment."

Red Bull is third in the championship with 184 points with Force India trailing 83 points adrift with 101. Sainz’s team Toro Rosso have scored 39 points so far in 2017 sitting sixth in the standings behind Williams who are 2 points ahead. Toro Rosso is 10 points clear of Haas in seventh.


Sian Williams

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I think we all agree with Carlos on this subject.
He is a very mature young man and clearly his opinion gets right to the heart of F1's biggest problem.
A blooming good driver too who deserves a better chance, I would like to see him given a chance in the Merc or Ferrari, I reckon he would upset the established apple-cart more than a little bit!
GB NEXT SPARE VAMP 10 Aug 2017 11:290
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Carlos Sainz mature? Serious? The way he's been behaving seems very childish to me.
GB f1fan0101 10 Aug 2017 12:030
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I think he's tarnished his reputation a small bit this year. He's made a couple of stupid decisions. Still a good talent for the future though
GB f1fan0101 10 Aug 2017 11:22+1
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One of the biggest issues.. Its become too complex and expensive
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F1 has always been about those (few) teams in the top flight and the rest, also-rans. Considering they have the same Renault engine as RB, what makes the massive difference? It can't be in suspension components or even the chassis (tub) although that will affect the handling to a degree. The major difference between teams is clearly the aero where a huge chunk of budget goes in wind tunnel and manufacture of countless small body parts. The costly wind tunnel can often point them in the wrong direction for months and that's is why CFD will eventually overtake the clumsy half scale (at best) modelling in the wind tunnels. Nothing has been said about Haas full size railway tunnel in the US and I wonder how that figures into the equation or even how the FIA monitor its use? If they somehow find a way to limit aero development then the teams will close up - literally.
NL Patentprutser 11 Aug 2017 07:220
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Even if the margins are made smaller in which the teams can operate, the upper 3 will do the best job because of their budgets. Where a small team develop in one or two directions, the big teams can try multiple directions while developing and increase on the directions that work. This differences will be consistent as long hte great differences in budgets stay this way.
The small teams are supported by less changes in the regulations. Then they can keep up developing and the bigger teams will still be in front but make much smaller steps.

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