Carey in no rush to add more US races

Published on 09 Aug 2017 17:57

Chase Carey admits that he is in no rush to add a second race from the United States to the calendar. When Liberty Media first completed its takeover of Formula 1 in January, they outlined the need for a second race in the country.

Currently, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas hosts the race in the US and has become a popular track among fans and drivers.  There has been suggesting that a new race could crop up in Las Vegas, Long Beach or even New York.

Carey admitted that he actually has a "five-year plan" regarding the American market: "I don't want to criticise Bernie because he did many things very well," he told Germany's Auto Bild. "But I think he went too much for short terms deals. So if you want to go to New York, it takes time and good planning.

"Previously, Formula 1 worked in so far that you sign a contract and leave the rest to the promoter. But this is no longer possible," Carey insisted. "You have to capture people's imagination. You don't do that with Phoenix, but in New York or Miami. We can already see the first signs, as since we have increased our commitment to social media, we are already seeing more feedback from the US. There is a bigger fan base there than we thought."


Fergal Walsh

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