Hulkenberg happy after "big success" result

Published on 17 Jul 2017 10:56

Nico Hulkenberg was left smiling from ear to ear after the British Grand Prix, after the German crossed the line in sixth place. He matched Renault's best result since its return as a manufacturer, as Hulkenberg also crossed the line in sixth at this year's Spanish Grand Prix.

Hulkenberg qualified sixth but started in P5 due to Valtteri Bottas' grid penalty. At the start of the race, he dropped down behind fast starting Esteban Ocon, but reclaimed the position after a brilliant move into Stowe corner. Failing to keep the rapid Mercedes of Bottas behind, Hulkenberg dropped to sixth.

He would then fall to seventh as he was overtaken by Daniel Ricciardo, and it was later revealed that his car was suffering from a leak around the exhaust. However, due to Ferrari's tyre troubles, he got back ahead of Vettel who had to pit in the dying moments of the race.

"We are very happy with the race result; P6 is a big success for the team," said Hulkenberg. "We were able to get a good lap in qualifying and then to carry it through to the race. We had a strong race pace, and were able to keep ahead of both Force Indias, which is really positive.

"We lost some power at the end, especially down the straights, which made it easier for Daniel to pass me, but then we gained back a position from Seb when he had his problem. Overall this is a very positive result. The new upgrades worked really well, we were able to push the car and I'm really pleased for the team."


Fergal Walsh

Replies (15)
GB JoeGreen84 17 Jul 2017 11:29+4
Posts: 30
one of the stand out drives of the race. In a "uncompetetive" car. Proved how good a driver he really is
SE calle.itw 17 Jul 2017 17:470
Posts: 4456
I'd love to see him in a competitive car.
GB f1fan0101 17 Jul 2017 11:37+1
Posts: 1303
Great drive, really showing what he's made of
NL mclarenfan1968 17 Jul 2017 13:49+1
Posts: 1014
A shame he is not in a top team already when toilet wipes like Perez got to be at Mclaren, flopped and then got life sport at Force India. If Kimi leaves Ferrari should get Hulkenberg.
GB talktohenry 17 Jul 2017 14:500
Posts: 290
that toilet wipe has way out performed the Hulk, and would be quicker too if they both in the same car....
NL mclarenfan1968 17 Jul 2017 14:58+1
Posts: 1014
On this planet? nope, not without Hulkenberg running into numerous issues. That toilet wipe is being made to look like an also ran by a rookie like Esteban Ocon who isn't even that special.
Posts: 91
Toilet wipe? Is that necessary to make your point?
NL mclarenfan1968 17 Jul 2017 15:04+2
Posts: 1014
Yes it is, too many wastes of space in F1 who have come through sponsorship power. This is not some homeless child getting bashed but a spoiled bunch of spoon fed toilet wipes who are standing in the way of genuine talents who can do far better in the current machinery.
Posts: 193
There's only one "toilet wipe" around here...
NL mclarenfan1968 17 Jul 2017 17:250
Posts: 1014
@BHURT, Indeed and it is you. your name checks out. BHURT = ButtHURT, do you get tired of getting self rekt? Yeah I thought not, more entertainment for the rest of us. Keep it rolling champ!
Posts: 91
But is it necessary to call him names? What's the point, do you believe more people side by your arguments when you call people names? I hate to dissapoint you, there are bigger men than you doing that currently, and it doesn't win them any support..
US ajpennypacker 18 Jul 2017 00:590
Posts: 936
Unless you are willing to ignore the data completely, you will have to admit that Perez is at least as good as Hulkenberg. Just look at their results while they were teammates. It's pretty easy. Try it instead of opinion like a baboon.
NL mclarenfan1968 18 Jul 2017 14:010
Posts: 1014
@HOMBIBI, you can play diplomacy all you like but guess what you and me are getting out of that? That's right, a big fat nothing. So take a chill pill and face the music, there is no need to be nice to spoiled brats in F1. These are not homeless kids for you to feel warm in the belly for putting some food down on their plates. Harsh criticism and attacks are the norm. Perez is a waste of space on life support at midfield teams due to sponsorship, Ocon is already making Perez look silly. Don't delude yourself. Perez couldn't do anything useful at a top team when he had the chance. In F1 you don't get too many chances and he had too many already. Hulkenberg has been less fortunate but skill shows through in moments like these. Deal with it.

@DmitwitPennyPacker, uh huh, data is fine you just don't know what to interpret form it. The data shows Perez is a failed commodity at the sharp end, now on life support in the midfield where Sponsorship money can do a driver big favors. But there is a limit to how much money can cover for bullshit. That's why mediocre turds stay in the midfield and rely on sponsorship. Merely looking at stats without the details and parroting a favorable narrative is the sign of a brainless F1 viewer, every-time Hulkenberg has been a in a position to make significant gains he has runs into issues either through mechanical or problems beyond the control of Him or his team. You only need to look at what Ocon is doing to your believed Perez LOL, do you even realize how stupid you lot sound? Good grief!
GB talktohenry 17 Jul 2017 15:390
Posts: 290
He has sponsors, and it may have helped him get a seat, but that's it and he is one of the very best in F1, seriously have you seen his results, hes blown away all team mates and Ocon 9-1 in qualifying and the races, he rarely finished behind Ocon unless he has a problem like this weekend. You need to check his results before making silly comments.....
Posts: 34
Clearly one of the best drivers in F1... 8 Podiums, nothing spacial, 8 podiums with Sauber & Force India? Very good... Hulk was with Force India for 4 years, never had podium, Im not saying Hulk is a Bad driver, just making a point...
Some McLaren fans don't like him because he wouldn't just roll over for their boy J Button, and he did make mistakes while he was there, but one of the best now, shame F1 is in the state it is in and only 1 or 2 teams can really compete for wins, he should have a top seat.....

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