Canadian GP boss not weighing in on Silverstone situation

Published on 17 Jul 2017 09:14

Canadian Grand Prix promoter Francois Dumontier has said he does not want to weigh in on the dispute between Silverstone and Liberty Media.

Dumontier would only say “i can understand their concerns” in very coy when questioned on the matter after he was seen visiting the British Grand Prix this weekend.

Liberty Media and Silverstone are locked in a dispute after Silverstone’s owners, the BRDC, triggering the break clause in their contract. it has been said to be that the BRDC have chosen very selectively when to announce the break clause, announcing it just before the event to bring maximum attention to the British Grand Prix. This tactic is said in some quarters to be the BRDC’s way of strong arming their way to a cheaper deal to host the Grand Prix.

Chase carey, F1 CEO, recently hit out at what he called posturing by the BRDC saying that: "I know we are not treating them unfairly, we are treating them consistently with others. Our preference is for Silverstone but the British grand prix certainly does not have to be here. We have had expressions of interest from other places in the UK, but I'm not trying to play one against the other."

Dumontier, who’s own Grand Prix has come under threat in similar manner to Silverstone in the past, would not be drawn into speculation however. He instead talked of the huge success that was F1 live in London, and the recent successes of Libery Media.

"There is certainly a wind of change blowing in F1," said Dumontier. “They want each grand prix to be like a Super Bowl, and I am in favour of these initiatives even though Montreal is already a reference for festivities during the week of a grand prix."

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