Force India in legal trouble over sponsor deal

Published on 16 Jul 2017 17:58

Force India is reportedly in legal trouble with its sponsorship deal with BWT, which has resulted in the team running a pink livery for the 2017 Season. Despite the team being happy to run a pink livery which has resulted in them being nicknamed as the "pink panthers," Germany's Bild am Sonntag has reported that an agency is claiming a commission for the deal with BWT which was for the sum of €12.5-15 million. "It is clear from the complaint that while there was no contract signed by Force India, there was a written commitment," the German source reported. 

This weekend, Vijay Mallya made a rare appearance in the paddock at the British Grand Prix after his passport has been seized by Indian authorities. "I certainly miss races like Monaco and Singapore," said Mallya "But I had that for eight and half years. Now I'm back in the office, but that's also important."
Mallya has also denied that the Indian dispute is why the Silverstone based team is considering a name change for 2018.


Chris Soulsby

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It's more exciting than the racing!
GB talktohenry 17 Jul 2017 10:070
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Very common in F1 sponsor deals, happens almost every year, but doesn't make the news like this one, and the agency have learned a good lesson about dealing with the cash strapped sharks of F1.....

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