Raikkonen: "Unlucky situations keep following us"

Published on 16 Jul 2017 16:51

Kimi Raikkonen has said that he feels bad luck has been following him throughout the season, after the disgruntled Finn took third place at the British Grand Prix.

He had spent most of the race in second, where he qualified alongside polesitter and eventual winner Lewis Hamilton, but a late tyre failure forced him to make a pit stop that dropped him a further place to third. His team-mate Sebastian Vettel suffered a similar problem that demoted him further down the pack to seventh place.

Reflecting on the incident, a frustrated Raikkonen said: "Unfortunately it seems to be that unlucky situations keep following us. For whatever reason the front left tyre didn't really explode but the canvas came off the tyre.

"Luckily I could get back quite fast and the car stayed in one piece. Unfortunately Sebastian had more or less the same problem a lap later. Not happy but better than nothing."


Mason Hawker

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Taking to much risks is hardly any unlucky situation that (keeps) following you. Brake balance towards the front and high downforce on the front wings combined with the knowledge that Silverstone is killer for your front lefts....well...

Gambled and lost.
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but how do you see that these blow ups had different causes as it was said by pirelli?

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