Sainz happy to stay at Toro Rosso

Published on 15 Jul 2017 17:14

Carlos Sainz has said he will be happy to stay at Toro Rosso for the 2018 season, despite rumours linking him away from the team.

The Spaniard is a highly rated prospect on the grid and is said to be frustrated at the lack of an opportunity to prove himself in the main Red Bull team. He even said last week that without an opportunity at Red Bull, it would be “unlikely” to stay at the junior team, Toro Rosso for a fourth year.

Red Bull seem to want to keep Sainz, but do not want to move on either of their two main team drivers, leaving sainz in a difficult position in terms of career progression. Not since Vitantonio Liuzzi has a Toro Rosso driver moved to a team other than Red Bull straight from the junior team, with the choice usually being the main team or leave the sport, such is the brutal nature of a drive at Toro Rosso.

Sainz seems to have changed his mind about staying at Toro Rosso though saying:"If I have to stay in Toro Rosso - if that's what I have to do - then yes. People tend to see it as bad news, but I see it rather positively, It is good when your bosses trust you for a fourth year. It would be the first time in history that a driver has been at Toro Rosso for four years, If I'm being renewed in June or July it's because I'm doing a good job. I must be happy with that. A fourth year in formula one will mean more experience, that I will be a more complete driver and that I will be more prepared"


Sam Gale

Replies (5)
GB yellowfly81 15 Jul 2017 17:190
Posts: 79
Does he really think that though? There must still be some underlying frustration...
GB NEXT SPARE VAMP 15 Jul 2017 17:240
Posts: 1524
"Sainz seems to have changed his mind about staying at Toro Rosso."

Yeah, as if he'd have any other choice!
Posts: 127
Lol, I think they made a print of the contract and put a post it on it: "leash your father and manager, you are going nowhere next year"
GB F1racefan97 15 Jul 2017 22:120
Posts: 113
Welllll that lasted...
SE calle.itw 15 Jul 2017 22:390
Posts: 3993
Apparently he werent.

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