100 million would not buy Verstappen - Marko

Published on 15 Jul 2017 09:03

Red Bull's driver manager Dr Helmut Marko has clarified that no amount of money could possibly buy Max Verstappen out of his contract with the Milton Keynes team.

Rumours are still rife that the Dutchman is headed for Ferrari when his current deal ends in 2019 - but Red Bull is known to be keen to keep him whatever the cost, and Marko again demonstrated its firm position in a new interview with Bild: "We would not give Max up for 100 million," he insisted. "We put him into Formula One to see his insane potential and development. We want to be World Champion with him."

Verstappen's manager Raymond Vermuelen also waded into the matter by stating that he and his client will honour their Red Bull commitment, as long as the team does the same and can provide Verstappen with the best equipment. "We are, as always, committed to agreements, but this is based on reciprocity with Red Bull.

"We do not talk about contracts but Dr Marko, Max and I know what is agreed. Red Bull has one of the best drivers in the paddock, and you can expect us to have the best equipment to become World Champion."

Unfortunately, Verstappen's 2017 equipment has not been totally reliable of late, and his DNF tally stands at five for the season so far thanks to a run of appalling misfortune. The resulting frustration has only fuelled rumours of Verstappen's departure, and acknowledging this, Marko simply added: "We have told him we are doing everything we can to stop this unbelievable bad luck."


Mason Hawker


Replies (5)
SE calle.itw 15 Jul 2017 10:160
Posts: 3073
Yes, for better or worse, he is pretty much stuck over at Red Bull.
Posts: 476
Hmm. That's not the point though. For Marko to come out and say this is actually interesting. It indicates that they are holding on to him and puts max in a perfect position for contract negotiations. From that stand point i don't understand marko's remark.
GB talktohenry 15 Jul 2017 11:290
Posts: 258
Sounds like a veiled threat by his manager.....I think he'd go to Merc, if he had the chance, MV will only be interested in Championship wins now, and who can provide this, the soonest. I would say if Ferrari coughed up £50m, and MV said he wants to go, they would sell him.
Posts: 111
100M is one fifth of the annual red bull budget. Of course they'll let him go.
NL DutchTreath 15 Jul 2017 16:320
Posts: 3991
Are they scared at RBR? The repeat talking about the contract with Max time over time in the media. If they where sure, why repeating again and again?

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