A Vettel Mercedes move would stun Horner

Published on 15 Jul 2017 09:02

Red Bull Racing's Christian Horner has said that he would be most surprised to see his old employee Sebastian Vettel sign for Mercedes in 2018, amid speculation that discussions between Vettel and the Silver Arrows are indeed taking place about a deal.

These rumours have been fuelled by Toto Wolff's reported presence at Vettel's recent 30th birthday party, and whilst Horner admitted Vettel could be an attractive proposition to Mercedes, he also said that he would be taken aback if such a move actually became reality: "I'd be amazed if Seb left Ferrari," he said.

"I would think he's got Toto in his ear trying to say 'extend for a year'. He's probably got Ferrari saying 'it's three years or nothing'. I guess he wants to see through what he started at Ferrari. He went there for a reason, to build something and very much emulate what Michael Schumacher had done. Stepping out now with the progress they have would be a job half done."


Mason Hawker

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