Williams linked to Honda power for 2018

Published on 19 Jun 2017 12:39

Williams has been linked with a switch to Honda power for 2018 which would in effect, see them become the new Honda works team. This report comes from Roger Benoit - the F1 correspondent of Switzerland’s Blick newspaper.

In the report, Benoit suggested that Williams could ditch Mercedes for a partnership with Honda next year, which would in turn allow McLaren to reunite its relationship with Mercedes - a relationship that ended at the end of 2014.

When writing about McLaren however, Benoit did issue a warning to Mercedes, suggesting that they should be cautious before making a decision: "The final question is whether the Silver Arrows actually want to revert to such a dangerous rival as McLaren."

Williams previously used Honda power in their golden years from 1983-1987 - a period that saw the team secure 24 wins and Nelson Piquet secure his third championship win.

If a deal between Williams and Honda does materialise for 2018, they will not be the only team on the grid using Honda power, with Sauber opting to ditch Ferrari engines for Honda power at the start of 2017.

McLaren is also set to be using Honda power in 2018, however, with relations between the team and the engine supplier slowly breaking down, it remains unknown as to whether McLaren will continue the relationship into next season or if they will seek an alternative.


Chris Soulsby

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Has Williams become the fall guy of F1? Letting go of Bottas, and now this?
SE calle.itw 19 Jun 2017 17:200
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I sincerely doubt that this will happen. If they will switch, it will be after 2018 if Honda proves competitive. Until then, there is literally no point for them to switch from the best package on the grid. And even then, they will likely only grab a deal if they can become the works team.
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Makes perfect sense to me. Stroll wouldn't look so bad if his car never ran properly. Daddy will pay for it.

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