Pirelli announce tyre nominations for Malaysia

Published on 15 Jun 2017 14:04

Pirelli has announced what compounds they will be bringing to the Malaysian Grand Prix later this year. The event will be the last race at the Sepang International Circuit. Pirelli has opted to go softer with their choices for this year's race.

In 2016, Pirelli brought the hard, medium and soft compounds to the race. This year, the newly designed tyres are built to last longer and not degrade as heavily as they used to. Therefore, teams will run with the medium, soft and super soft compounds in Malaysia.

Pirelli has also nominated the supersoft compound as the tyre of use for those who make it into the final part of qualifying. Teams are free to choose the remaining 10 sets of tyres, to complete their 13-set allocation.

Tyre nominations so far this season;

Grand Prix     Hard    Medium     Soft  Super Soft Ultra Soft
Australia           X         X       X
China            X       X         X  
Bahrain            X       X         X  
Russia           X         X        X
Spain        X          X       X    
Monaco           X         X        X
Canada           X         X        X
Azerbaijan            X       X         X  
Austria           X         X        X
Great Britain            X       X           X  
Hungary            X       X          X  
Singapore             X          X        X
Malaysia            X         X          X  


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GB f1fan0101 15 Jun 2017 15:410
Posts: 1303
Sad that its the last race at Malaysia, such a great race

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