Alonso starting to feel comfortable around Indy

Published on 19 May 2017 12:12

Fernando Alonso has said he is happy with the balance of his car after running in traffic around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday. The Spaniard clocked up a best average speed of  225.619mph, ending yesterday's session in fourth.

Alonso had previously said that he wished to gain confidence while running in traffic, and feels close to achieving that after the first four days of practice.

 "I was [running] behind a car just a couple of seconds in front, but we [tried some laps] without any car in front," said Alonso. "We tested a couple of different trims and different set-up options. The car felt quite OK from the very beginning of the morning, but then I think we did improve it during the day, so I'm quite happy.

"We worked still a lot on the race situation, keeping other guys out there and running in traffic. I think we found a good balance for traffic. I think [on Friday] we will concentrate a little bit more alone on qualifying, but the priority is the race."

'Fast Friday' sees the teams prepare the cars for qualifying, and will get underway at 12:00 PM local time. 


Fergal Walsh

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SE calle.itw 19 May 2017 14:240
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He had a good run in the last session, so could go well. I doubt he will win, or be top 3, but even a 4th or 5th is impressive for the first time in a new series.

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